Saviorless Review by Video Chums

“My question at the beginning of this review was rhetorical - Saviorless was always worth saving. Despite a relatively unexciting first half, there's a solid blend of platforming, action, and puzzles wrapped in a strikingly gorgeous presentation. If you can live with some of its vague storytelling and the weird way it handles collectibles, I wholeheartedly recommend it.” - Martijn van Gent from Video Chums.

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Review: Saviorless is the excellent debut of the Cuban indie game development scene - Entertainium

Saviorless is a narrative platformer game with an enthralling story and beautifully disturbing world.

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Saviorless (PS5) Review - Combatting The Narrative | Gameluster

Saviorless is a 2D Platformer about the protagonist's journey to achieve his goal and become the savior while overcoming the challenges put in his path by the narrator.

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Review - Saviorless (PS5) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I’m not taking its fascinating and heartwarming development history into account when I say that I liked Saviorless and recommend it… if you’re into this specific kind of slow-paced, artsy platformer. It’s short, sure, and it can be occasionally annoying during some specific sections, but it’s got amazing visuals, a handful of neat puzzles, and a neat take on themes like free will and destiny. If you are into games like GRIS or Limbo, look no further, this is the kind of title which will satiate you for a (short) while. It might not be the greatest thing in the world, but I do wish for this game to become a stepping stone for its development team, with more (and better) titles in the future coming from them."

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