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WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "Dragon’s Dogma 2 is exactly what I wanted; an updated sequel that still hold true to what made the first game so beloved. While it may not be perfect with its lack luster visuals and performance, it more than makes up for in deep gameplay and addicting exploration. The Pawn system still remains one of the coolest party systems in an RPG, and I love the dynamic feel of them. This is absolutely a game of the year contender and may be my personal game of the year already."

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Dragon's Dogma II Review - Gaming Respawn

Capcom bring us the long-awaited Dragon's Dogma II twelve years after the original title, and it lives up to its predecessor's legacy. Gaming Respawn reviews.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Gets DLSS Frame Generation: 77% FPS Gain with Broken Shadows

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has received a new title update that adds Frame Generation for NVIDIA RTX 40 series users (only). Unfortunately, the vast majority of gamers on RTX 30/RTX 20 and Radeon GPUs will have to keep waiting for an FSR 3 implementation of frame generation. There’s another tiny issue with the update.

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EternalTitan13d ago

Capcom kind of fumbled with this game.
This could have been GOTY 2024 but no.


Dragon's Dogma 2 Has Sold 3 Million Units In 2 Months

Dragon's Dogma 2, Capcom's latest JRPG, has reached a new sales milestone, rolling over 3 million copies in a span of two months.

isarai17d ago

Hands fown my game of the generation so far, definitely has some flaws and buggy quests, but damn is it good, and surprisingly flexible in how it allows creativity and different approaches to resolve quests and reacts accordingly.

banger8817d ago

I just picked this up for PS5. I'm going to hold off playing as long as I can though, in case they decide to add a new performance mode. I don't want to play this at 30 fps unless I absolutely have no other choice (PC isn't a choice for me). I have a dozen other games in my backlog so I'm good.

VincentCastle16d ago

I have it on ps5 and pc and it plays as actually pretty well on PS5. The uncapped frame rates works best for the game then the newly added Max 30fps version.
The only town that gets the frame rates down between 25-35 ish is the first big city, but you won't be that much in it to be fair - I spent from 50 hours about 3 in the city and the rest exploring and the second main town which has better fps.

-on pc with my 3080 and 10700k CPU, the fps outside is better for sure as it can do stable 60fps... But it's the same or worst for the main city. I had fps between 20-50ish and the drops were really noticeable. But the same, most time was spent outside.

Nerdmaster17d ago

Really tried to like the first one, started it like 5 times, but it didn't click with me.
I'll try the sequel someday, but I'll wait for a good (like 50%) discount.

Cacabunga17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

It will end up on PS+ extra someday.
It is good devs release the game first and release it months later on PS+ to give it a second life.
If it was on sub service day one it would have sold 300.000 Max

ravens5217d ago

Just curious, does this count as successful?

jznrpg16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

For a sequel to a niche game from the PS3 days I would think 3 million is very good. But I don’t know their sales expectations so I can’t say for sure.

EternalTitan16d ago

I . . .dont know.
AAA companies are weird. It depends on their fiscal stuff.
I would guess its successful because the first game sold way less in the same time frame.

EternalTitan16d ago

Knew the game had long legs. It had some disappointing issues like performance, dumb microtracsanctions at the beginning. There is a DLC coming. Wonder what that will add to the game.