Fallout 4 For PS5 And Xbox Series X – Everything You Need to Know

For those looking to jump into the post-apocalyptic RPG for the first time, here's everything you need to know about it and its upcoming next-gen update.

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Barlos28d ago

Got it installed on my PS5 ready for this. Not sure I'll play it very much though because I didn't like the settlements feature, it just never seemed to gel with me.

Looking forward to giving it a shot though

just_looken27d ago

Use manual saves keep them backed up on ps4 it was a crasher

Just a fyi

Barlos27d ago

Hopefully it won't be after the update. Mind you it'll probably introduce some new bugs 🤣

Yui_Suzumiya27d ago

I was lucky and had minimal bugs at launch in 2015. I got the platinum trophy a month after launch.

Seth_hun27d ago

You probably need to download the native ps5 version, its not just a patch

Abear2127d ago

This was my question, article states it’s a native version so will need to re-download when it releases.

Hoping it’s not a Bethesda buggy mess as the game has been out forever, but not holding my breath. Also unsure if saves will transfer, unlikely as again it’s a new version of the game

banger8827d ago

"Not sure I'll play it very much though because I didn't like the settlements feature, it just never seemed to gel with me."

Doing the settlement related crap isn't mandatory, feel free to ignore it.

anast28d ago

Hopefully it's playable by now.

just_looken27d ago

tod: Can you load the start menu?

q&a: yes

Todd: does it load in allow you to move?

Q&a: yes

Tod: Great its gone gold ship it that is the quality we here strive for.

TheEroica27d ago

Naughty dog would've charged us 70 bucks for this. Thank you Bethesda!

anast27d ago


It's free because they are going to let AI do most of the work.

26d ago
Barlos27d ago

It was always playable for me on my PS4 Pro. I don't recall any issues aside from the usual 'Bethesda Bugs'. Nothing even close to game breaking.

just_looken27d ago

Now yes but first year it was very bad and you had to watch the save file size

Barlos27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


No I mean even back then, I can't recall any significant issues. Funny thing with the save file size is there were serious problems with Skyrim on PS3 because of the save file, until it was patched. Seems that Bethesda just don't learn.

Abear2127d ago

Far Harbor was barely playable on Pro for me, it was a slide show in the fog. I’ve been waiting for this patch for what seems like forever!

27d ago
brando00827d ago

Tried to play it again on PS4 last week to finish Far Harbour, the game kept crashing on launch. Hopefully this new patch let's me start the game lol

Abear2127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

If Far Harbor is butter smooth and this baby has a smooth release overall I’ll take back everything terrible I ever said about Bethesda. This is the best game they put out in the last ten years. Still betting on a Day one patch incoming though and probably more to come. They should allow pre load bc their servers are gonna get boinked.

Profchaos27d ago

Yeah far harbour on the PS4 was playable for me but wow did that fog cause significant slowdown killed off any desire to explore and instead I would go point to point as fast as possible.

gold_drake27d ago

theres not rly much to know, other than the update comes out next week haha

Abear2127d ago

Here’s the one Pro Tip you need—play as Evil, it’s impossible to keep track of who you are supposed to be for and against with all the Factions—I say F them all and play Evil so it’s no stress! Lol

kneon27d ago

I never finished the game because I got to the point where the game really wanted me to pick a side, I didn't want to side with anyone so I just stopped playing. It's pretty rare for me not to finish a game, but it just got boring.