Helldivers 2 announcement: Joel confirms taking Martale will win the Charon defense mission

Helldivers 2 community manager has confirmed that taking Martale will win the Charon defense mission.


Helldivers 2 players have discovered that the 500KG Bomb is not good

The current Helldivers 2 Major Order grants all players access to the 500KG Bomb and many are discovering its not a good Stratagem.

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Eonjay1d 21h ago

When they last use bring it for free last weekend I felt really really overpowered. It's better than an Orbital Railgun if you are good at throwing. It can one-shot an entire smaller bug hole. I was getting 600+ kills easily on the harder difficulties.

Deathdeliverer3h ago

Needs a bigger AOE. It really feels like it does not have an AOE that is anywhere near how it looks.

northpaws2h ago

Precision Strike is better. Much faster cooldown, and hit quite hard if you use it right.


Helldivers 2 The Illuminate leak shows a weapon of a never before seen enemy

A third faction is set to come to Helldivers 2, The Illuminate, and the latest leaks reveals a weapon for a never before seen enemy.

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Helldivers 2 Players Insist on Major Buffs for the Next Patch

Which buffs might make the future better for Helldivers 2 players? Dedicated fans make a wish-list of all the changes they want to see.