Review: Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide (PS5) - A Fantastic Sendoff for Square's Action RPG - PS

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide is a great expansion to an excellent action RPG, offering up one of the game's most intriguing and considered chapters. With yet more memorable boss battles, an emotional storyline, and some downright stunning environments, it's the worthy sendoff that Clive and company deserve.

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CrimsonWing6964d ago

That Leviathan battle might’ve been the greatest thing I’ve ever played/seen for a boss in any game, period. I don’t even like this game and I still think that was absolutely incredible to play.


Why Final Fantasy 16’s Rising Tide DLC Is Best Experienced Before Finishing the Main Story

Due to the inclusion of a character from its main story, Final Fantasy 16's Rising Tide DLC is best experienced before finishing the base game.

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Cacabunga56d ago

I didnt play this game yet it will be next one i play.. good there is a DLC to enjoy

shadowT55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

you have missed a GOTY ;) Final Fantasy 16 is currently part of the PSN spring sale!

Cacabunga55d ago

I have it since day one.. just didn’t make it there yet

Popsicle56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I really enjoyed this game. It was in my top 3 last year, but it begs the question, why did I make a day 1 purchase? I want to support games/franchises I enjoy by making a full price purchase at release. However, that decision often seems to be the wrong one from a consumer perspective.

It’s no wonder AAA gaming is beginning to struggle. I reward the developer by paying full price and then am expected to pay more again later for the full experience. I’m done being the sucker. From the consumer perspective, it seems to be a better decision to be patient and just wait for the full experience. It’s a better value and generally cheaper.

Genuinely happy for those who made the decision to wait, but I am not coming back to this game.

franwex56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

This has always happened. I have PC games from the 90s that later released expansions. There’s early adopter risks for anything.

Regarding this expansion I’ll probably pick it up later after I’m done with Rebirth. Or on a sale around Fall.

Popsicle56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

No this was not common in the 90s and virtually non-existent in the console space which is where FF16 was originally released. The PC version is near but yet to be released.

When I purchased a game on console in the 90s I payed for it once, and got the full experience. Bugs and all, no patches.

Your right about early adopters risk which is my primary complaint. In today’s gaming space it makes more sense to be patient and pay less for a full experience.

Tacoboto55d ago

Why did you purchase day one?

"I really enjoyed this game. It was in my top 3 last year"

There's your answer.

"From the consumer perspective, it seems to be a better decision to be patient and just wait for the full experience"

... As has always been the case... PC gaming and expansions. Console games even going back to Morrowind or any GOTY re-releases. Literally any time a game goes on a Steam sale. Literally every Ubisoft game that comes out anytime near Black Friday.

CrimsonWing6955d ago

But uh… don’t the devs and publishers rely on the money from full price to keep making games and keep the studios open?

Yea, I get as a consumer, who wants to pay “full price,” but as the entity selling the good… how does that benefit them? If anything you hurt them in the long run. I get the concept of waiting, but if they provide a good that is, well good, why not support them by buying it full price?

Tacoboto55d ago

I can't think of a better response than "duh" because it's that obvious.

This guy complaining about paying full price day one on one of his favorite experiences last year because it has post-release content. Like, hello, welcome to capitalism? Welcome to the games industry?

EternalTitan56d ago

This stupid DLC is pretty much non canon as its events dont affect the ending at all.
Its even ignored because lorewise if this was canon then Ultima would use Levithan during the final cutscene just like all other Eikon powers. He does not.

franwex56d ago

I heard it’s pretty fun though.

shadowT55d ago

I really enjoyed this DLC!


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Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide is a thrilling adventure, even if the story beats don't quite measure up to the main game.

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The Rising Tide DLC offers great gameplay additions, a masterful Eikon fight, and a decent tie-in story to conclude FF16's experience.

shadowT58d ago

Its my personal GOTY 2023 + 2024! :D

repsahj57d ago

Agreed! One of my favorite FF, together with 3, 7 - 10.

CrimsonWing6958d ago

That Leviathan fight was honestly one of the coolest boss fights I’ve played in any game. That and the Time Keeper were incredible… everything else was pretty mid as par for the course with this game.

58d ago