Kingdom Come: Deliverance II promises a world twice as big as the first game

Warhorse Studios has revealed Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, a sequel bigger and better in every way - and it's out later this year.

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franwex34d ago

Maybe make the combat fun this time around? You can expand the land all you want, but if the game can barely control why would I want to explore?

coretone34d ago

I loved the combat in the first game

bababooiy33d ago

It worked when having 1 target but as soon as you had multiple enemies things fell apart quick imo. I hope they made some improvements to it overall becouse alot of its aspects were very gimmicky.

Nacho_Z33d ago

I didn't like the combat but I think it was because I was bad at it.

I wouldn't mind if the sequel eased up on combat difficulty and had more weight to attacks. The series has potential but they have to find the balance between hardcore sim elements and fun gameplay

CoNn3rB33d ago

I think the problem a lot of people had with the combat in the 1st game was that Henry was an untrained serf so in order to be good at the combat you had to really earn it. As Henry is the protagonist again this time round he'll start off the game in a similar position he was at the end of the first one so I expect the combat to be less of a learning curve.

I personally found it very rewarding in the first game when you get better at the combat after practise but I get why it didn't click with everyone

VincentVanBro34d ago

Looks amazing, loved the first game!

vTuro2434d ago

Man I really need to get around to playing the first one. It's been sitting in my steam library for far too long lol.

HyperMoused33d ago

controls were horrible i tried i really did, but with the worst janky fighting (and dont get me started on lockpicking)...that with the fetch quests, i couldnt do it.....really enjoyed the idea though

xenz33d ago

Lockpicking was actually way too easy

HyperMoused30d ago

Wasnt on console or i got a bugged copy

brando00833d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Awesome, poured a ton of time into the first game! Hopefully more of the bugs get ironed out before release :)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance II Already Runs Up to 80FPS with DLSS at 4K

Wccftech got clarification on the performance numbers shared earlier this week by Kingdom Come Deliverance II director Daniel Vávra.

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LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago

Hopefully they won't have any trouble delivering 60fps on consoles then.

DustMan12d ago

This is on a Monster PC setup that most people will not be gaming on. I doubt it's hitting 60 fps on consoles, and PC owners are only getting great performance on 4080 or above. Lots of grains of salt with this one.


Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Releases Later, First Gameplay Details & Trailer Revealed

Warhorse Studios has officially announced Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, with a planned 2024 release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.