Why Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2’s Runtime of 9 Hours is Completely Fine

Hellblade 2 is confirmed to be around 9 hours in length, and there's a strong case as to why that relatively short length will likely be one of its strongest suits.

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It's Good Since it's on Game Pass I wouldn't Pay 50 for it since it's Digital Only

Eonjay41d ago

The first game was a similar length but if I remember correctly it didn't carry the full price of AAA games when the first on launched. If I were them, I would take a note from the pages of some of the most successful games this year and keep it a $39.99. I think the result is they will sell more. It will balance out because at the higher price they will sell less. I think in the end the lower price will wind up generating the most revenue. Of course I am talking about the PC release and then the eventually PS5 release whenever it hits.

Terry_B40d ago

It was not. The first game had a length of about 4-5 hours.

I bet the new game is similar long.

neutralgamer199240d ago

I think MS can take that chances of a 9 hour game because of GP. Vast majority of Xbox gamers play games using GP(no doubt excellent value)

Personally I bought the first game when it was under $20 and I would have done the same if I didn’t have GP. I rather have 9 hours of quality content than 50 hours of fetch quests. As I grow and have less time for gaming I honestly don’t mind medium size games because there are way too many open world games

Obscure_Observer41d ago

9 hours is totally fine. Especially for Senua's fans who beat the first game.

Eonjay41d ago

This. In fact I think the original was only 8 hours so this is right in line with expectations.

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TheCaptainKuchiki40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Okay but they didn't have MS' money for the first game. Now they do so 9 hour is unacceptable.

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jznrpg41d ago

Strongest suits ? I don’t buy very short games until they are very cheap.

Redgrave41d ago

Let us see if it truly does somehow improve the game after the time spent waiting, or if this will be cited in the downsides of reviews.

Sonic188141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It took me 7 hours to beat the first game. But since it's on gamepass on PC and Xbox who cares about the length

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