Rise of the Ronin Update 1.04 Patch Notes Reveal Various Weapon Adjustments

Team Ninja released Rise of the Ronin update 1.04 last night, the patch notes for which have now been revealed.

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Dandizzle33d ago

This game is way better than the press it gets

phoenixwing32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I can't trust reviews anymore due to how this was rated by most companies

Elda33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I've been enjoying every min playing ROTR.

Demetrius33d ago

Definitely ready to get this 🔥😌

fsfsxii32d ago

In this topic: constant reassurance 🤣🤣🤣

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Team Ninja: How Ninja Gaiden and Nioh connect to Rise of the Ronin

Many of you who have already played Rise of the Ronin may have noticed some elements of our previous works such as Ninja Gaiden and Nioh from Team Ninja. Today we’re excited to share some of the behind-the-scenes development stories for the first time. Plus we share details on an upcoming game update.

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purple1011d 11h ago

not a good title FPS RUSSIA. should have gone with: "new content added'. ... or something like that

try : 'New and expanded content 5 new Ally Missions added. + Addition of dojo training partners"

FPSRUSSIA1d 10h ago

Lol thats the title of the article by playstation blog what are you talking about ?

FPSRUSSIA1d 10h ago

Read the article it has nothing to do with what you said

purple1011d 7h ago

I literally copied and pasted that from the bottom of the article

DEEBO1d 5h ago

The new update is so good...


Rise of the Ronin—A History of Music With Composer Inon Zur

CGMagazine had the opportunity to speak about the soundtrack of Rise of the Ronin, Starfield and more with composer Inon Zur.

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Rise Of The Ronin Sales Are ‘Surpassing The Nioh Series,’ Reveals Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo has revealed that Rise of the Ronin has gotten off to a solid start, with sales of the Team NINJA-developed PS5 already eclipsing the Nioh franchise.

Speaking in its latest financial report, the publisher revealed that “sales are surpassing the Nioh series” and noted that it has “high valuation by players.” No sales figures were divulged during the report, but clearly Rise of the Ronin is performing well just over a month since launch.

helicoptergirl23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

But I thought Rise Of The Ronin was a failure because it was an exclusive?

Gee wizz this is strange. It's outperforming the "Nioh" series in sales. I thought it was all doom and gloom on the sales front. I mean the Nioh series were considered a 'sales success' in the past. So how can this be with Ronin? /s

thorstein22d ago

I can't trust any journalist any more. And I trust the corporate press releases even less.

Eonjay22d ago

Public companies can't just lie when it comes to financial disclosure.

thorstein22d ago


Hollywood Accounting. It's done all the time and it's been happening in gaming for awhile now. It's not new.

The statement I made said I don't trust corporation's press releases.

Not about how they use loopholes to manipulate tax codes and are technically "not lying."

Cacabunga22d ago

Journalism is the most corrupt thing ever..
Mind control at its finest..

i am very glad to hear RoR is a success because Nioh sold a few millions on PS4 and PS5 combined.
I still want and hope to see Nioh3.

Team Ninja please do not forget Dead or Alive!

CantThinkOfAUsername22d ago

Data from Circana already shows the game debuted at number 5. We shall see if it continues the momentum in the soon-to-be-released April chart.

Ra303022d ago


I get what your saying but just to be clear you don't believe "Rise Of The Ronin Sales Are ‘Surpassing The Nioh Series"?
I purchased Rise of Ronin and I'm enjoying the game but i liked Nioh and Nioh 2 much more and still play both and TBH I was hoping Rise of Robin was off on sales in hopes it would push Team Ninja to work on
Nioh 3 asap. Now I concede that's very selfish but I'm a fan what can I say and if you're a Souls game fan and have not played Nioh and Nioh 2 stop whatever your doing and purchase Nioh and jump in today. IMO I'd say Nioh is more difficult of the 2 only because in Nioh 2 you have more and better tools to plot through the game...... Nioh 3 can't come soon enough for me.

thorstein22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


No. Read the comment I replied to. That's what made me say what I said.

I believe that the game sold very well. There were articles trying to claim that it had failed. I am agreeing with the OP.

I too love the Souls games. I still own Demon's Souls PS3.

I want Rise, but I have such a backlog. NiOH, I was intrigued befits it launched and got out on Plus.

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repsahj22d ago

Actually, both FF16 and FF7Rebirth got decent sales. 3.5M+ millions sold is great, not as high as expected but still high. Haters really just want to look like they failed because it's exclusive to PS5.

ravens5222d ago Show
Swervecity22d ago

I swear people on this site live in the smallest bubble. I've been doing this gaming thing for over 20 years. I'm almost 40. I've never once in my life heard a single person hate on one console or another. I've known plenty of people have preferences, sure. But never ever hate on it, or wish for a game to fail because it was an exclusive. That is just not reality. The only place that is reality is a few websites in forums on the internet. I guess if arguing and pledging allegiance to an electronic brand helps you pass the time, then so be it. But in the real world most people just want to play fun games.

anast22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


I wouldn't take this stuff that seriously. Hating on things and picking sides is fun. It's not the truth of a person and if it is that person might need more help than we can muster on a forum.

22d ago
Ironmike22d ago

Gee whiz lol games sold well of word of mouth it really is good