No Rest for the Wicked: The spectacular evolution of Moon Studios' graphics tech

Digital Foundry talks about visual features and performance in No Rest for the Wicked on Early Access.
The developer's prior offering - Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and The Will of the Wisps - turned the Metroidvania style of game on its head, offering a powerful, fresh experience that is difficult to forget. And now, four years later, Moon looks set to do the same for action RPGs with No Rest for the Wicked. Simply put, No Rest for the Wicked couples a stunning visual design with elements inspired by From Software's Souls titles, Blizzard's Diablo and even Animal Crossing - and yet the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Psychonaut8530d ago

God I’m stoked for this. I’m so tired of everyone trying for photo realism, I want more like this and Dishonored, go for a specific art style, and use the processing power for more interesting purposes.


No Rest for the Wicked Preview - Wildly Wicked - MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "There’s no current ETA on how long No Rest for the Wicked will stay in early access, and I’m eager to dive back into it when it officially launches sometime in the future."

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No Rest For The Wicked Early Access Review — A Suave Soulslike

No Rest For The Wicked seems like the next big thing in the Soulslike genre if it gets the fixes it promptly needs.


No Rest for the Wicked "[is] nowhere near done."

"There is so much that we've already built that none of you even know about and we want to deliver this in a masterful way!" says Thomas Mahler, Creative Director of Moon Studios.

ShwaaMan16d ago

My buddy bought early access and said it’s very good, with a lot of potential but room for improvement… basically what a lot of early previews have said.
I am really excited for this, and am excited for PS5 release but this is encouraging to hear. Kind of like BG3… 2 years ago it was nowhere near as good as it ended up being. It’s awesome when developers are listening to feedback from the community and basically play testing the shit out of this until it’s as good as it can get… and then releasing.
Patiently waiting, keep up the good work!