Buckshot Roulette (PC) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "Ultimately, Buckshot Roulette is a fun little distraction that the former stats teacher in me wishes had been fleshed out just a touch more. There’s enough content here to entertain for an hour or so, and while it won’t be the best hour of gameplay you experience this year, it’ll probably be one of the more memorable. Give it a try, and support the developer (Mike Klubnika), so that he can make a sequel where you play Poker against a horrifically toothy version of Clifford the Big Red Dog."

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Buckshot Roulette review [SideQuesting]

Buckshot Roulette is incredibly simple. But it’s almost too simple to warrant any personal satisfaction outside of drawing an audience.

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Buckshot Roulette - Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer Writes "Buckshot Roulette is gaming's latest surprise hit, and for quite the good reason, with its twisted and unique gameplay, and tension-filled atmosphere."

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Buckshot Roulette PC Gameplay

This is a dark game where you play the ultimate game of life and death and here is some video of what gamers can expect.