Microsoft has ‘let Blizzard be Blizzard’ following its acquisition, studio says

Microsoft has 'let Blizzard be Blizzard' following the acquisition of the veteran developer according to World of Warcraft's executive producer.

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Kaii31d ago

Diablo 4 storefront being a cash grabbing shitshow does unironically attest to that, kudos.

kythlyn30d ago

Microsoft needs to be guiding Blizzard to be what it USED to be, not allowing it to continue to be the greedy bastardization of itself that it has become.

XiNatsuDragnel31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Okay i will be interested if they become old Blizzard but might as well be dead.

Rynxie30d ago

They will never be old blizzard. Most of all the OG's left from developers to those on the top (even some decision making folks left).

Vits31d ago

Shame most of the people that made Blizzard what they were, have already left a while ago.

ApocalypseShadow31d ago

I was about to say this. How can they be blizzard when they're no longer blizzard from yesteryear?

blacktiger31d ago

Rare was the thing I lost heart

victorMaje31d ago

Exactly. Blizzard hasn’t been Blizzard for a long time.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Knightofelemia31d ago

Blizzard is not the same Blizzard like it use to be.

PassNextquestion31d ago

Were you expecting Microsoft to hire everyone that had left Blizzard long before they purchased the company...

Microsoft has let the Blizzard company they purchased continue to be the Blizzard company they purchased.

thesoftware73030d ago

Wow, PassNextquestion,

You fully understand what that saying means, unlike some people on here who just have to say negative garbage talk.

When someone says, "Just let *blank* be *blank*, "they are just letting them operate how they operate.

It's pretty much how Sony "let Bungie be Bungie."

This comment section is full of outright haters, but you have to "let N4G be N4G"

GamerRN30d ago

This site leans so heavily in one direction...


I don't think people commenting are necessarily blaming MS for anything here, this is just collective longing for what Blizzard/Vivendi was before Activision's meddling.