Sea of Thieves Welcomes 40 Million Players

Joe 'Three Sheets' Neate (Executive Producer): "As I’m sure you can imagine, when it comes to Sea of Thieves my days are full of numbers. Development costs, active servers, days until the next update… Sometimes, though, a truly extraordinary number stands out – a number like 40 million, which I’m incredibly pleased to say is the number of pirates who’ve now set sail in Sea of Thieves!"

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darthv7231d ago

Garrr... more people to walk the plank and send to Davey Jones locker.

would have been funny to release this on talk like a pirate day.

aaronaton31d ago

I nearly died from cringe reading this...

coolbeans30d ago

Ye wouldn't be any fun on the high seas!

Obscure_Observer31d ago ShowReplies(4)
TrueRican6931d ago

I pre-order the premium edition for my PS5 today

Crows9031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

40 million have set sail...that's great. How many are sailing now? Monthly active users....when it actually matters. How many people purchased the game is another important number.

Gamingsince198131d ago

You don't get numbers like that from MS mouth pieces, they just like to say stuff like "this game was looked at 129 million time, the biggest amount of people browsing a game of this genre on xbox gamepass ever in the last 3 weeks compared to before gamepass was out (small print only 2 million bothered playing longer than 20 seconds and only 100 people are playing it concurrently)

It's all smoke and mirrors

nibblo31d ago

There are usually around 10,000 concurrent users on Steam not counting Xbox or PS but really it doesn't matter as long as there are enough people on the servers to play which there always were and will be for a long time now with the PS players coming on board. Same goes for how many people bought it and how many are on GP, we aren't the accountants of these console companies so why would we care?

Hofstaderman31d ago

Reporting on MAU stats is very misleading. Other companies publish units sold, MS cannot or will not due to Game Pass. We all know that their prior startegies have not panned out so now they have to actually sell games on other consoles. In any case, SoT is doing impressive preorders on PS5 and will very likely motivate Satya to release more games other than the four indicated games on their competitor's consoles. Take note Phil is radio silent....

Jingsing31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yeah Microsoft would tell you the start menu has had 1 billions clicks on Windows 11 to let you know it is beating Windows 10 when the reality is something else. 10,000 concurrent steam users is enough for me to extrapolate there aren't millions playing this on console either. Lets not forget the motivation to bring this to PS5 is already an admission of poor player count. I'd prefer it is Microsoft would just say nothing when it comes to numbers as it makes them look stupid while trying to make everyone else look like an idiot.

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Abear2131d ago

40 Mil across Stream, Windows 10, and Xbox. Healthy numbers for sure, but when PC is the biggest platform, I expected more. It’ll be interesting to see how it does on PlayStation. Very well could be double that player count in 6 months with PS too. It’s crazy for developers to skip the most popular platform, not sure why they’d want to, but they must have had their rea$ons.

Christopher30d ago

PC is the market with the most competition for these type of games as well, so it's actually easier to break in on consoles where these games aren't as prominent.

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Jin_Sakai9d ago

This should be a warm welcome to all other Xbox games heading to PlayStation.

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

A sign that xbox will become 3rd party in the future since there games sell better on playstation

P_Bomb9d ago

Sea of Thieves is a hit! Sadly Hi Fi Rush looks like it fell off.

VersusDMC9d ago

Love to see Stellar blade selling well. 2nd only to helldivers 2 in the US. Currently going for that platinum.

Where the F is Rebirth?! I wonder if people just don't know it's the sequel to remake. It is too good to be overlooked.

solideagle9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I have been playing Rebirth for few days now but it feels like a mini game galore than an actual Final Fantasy 7 remake sequel. Too many mini games, I still think they could do whole Final Fantasy 7 in 1 or maximum 2 parts rather trilogy. This is my opinion

VersusDMC8d ago

Well i am not one for asking a developer to censor themselves by asking them to cut stuff out of their game...but you do you.

Remake and Rebirth are GOTY to me and you always have the original for you.


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