Bizarre adventure game INDIKA will now launch a week earlier

There's good news for those who like strange, story-driven adventures: INDIKA will now launch a week earlier than originally planned on PC.

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z2g35d ago

Haha I like the name. Love me some indica too. Sativas are too uppy.


Review - INDIKA (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Heidi Hawes: "INDIKA might have been hit and miss with some of its gameplay elements and had some pacing issues, but one thing is certain: it’s definitely a game that swung for the fences and took a lot of risks. It’s weird and bizarre in all the best ways. It’s a game that hooks you right from the start and will hold your attention until the credits roll. I can’t say it’s a happy experience, but it’s one with a very clear vision and strong message, controversial as it might be. INDIKA is one of those rare games that takes you completely by surprise and sticks with you long after you’ve finished it."

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INDIKA Review - Dark, Hilarious, and Thought-Provoking - GamesHorizon

INDIKA got me to think about the nature of my faith and morality. For a linear 3d puzzle platformer, this game is delightfully abstract and does more than most to tug at your heart. Definitely worth a try, even if you're not religious.

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Review: Indika | Console Creatures

Bobby writes, "Indika puts a spotlight on Christianity in a specific way that I've never seen before. Thankfully, it mostly succeeds in its thoughtful premise and stays within its welcome."

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