PlayStation PC trophies will launch in May 2024

PlayStation PC trophies have finally been confirmed officially by Sony, with Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut set to be the first platinum trophy on PC.

Eonjay31d ago

Check this out:
'FYI if you unlocked Trophies on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS5, when you connect the same PlayStation Network account to the PC version you will have those Trophies also unlocked there.'

Okay so this is pretty cool. It means that you don't have to beat it again to get all the trophies. I guess the next step from here is letting you cross save. The only caveat is that it would allow people to hack saves on the console.

VenomUK31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I said it over 2.5 years ago!

[Will PSN trophies come to PlayStation games on PC?]

lelo2play31d ago

Next step will likely be a Sony PC game launcher...
Just what we need, another PC game launcher!

Jingsing31d ago

Would you just prefer 1 launcher on PC? That sounds a lot like China.

PrinceOfAnger31d ago

Hope they bring this to other games like ratchet and clank rift apart etc.

Gamerscore207731d ago

This would’ve been a perfect excuse to double dip, if the trophies started from the beginning. But it looks like if you already platted the PS5 version, it’s just going to carry over to the PC version.

MrNinosan31d ago

Sounds like a non-issue.
If you really want to collect all trophies again, start it up on PC, pretend you are on your main-account, but play on your alt-account.

Problem solved.

slayernz31d ago

think you missed the point on this! can't talk for everyone but i imagine most trophy collectors who want to p[lay through again would want the trophies to show in their 'main' account, so for an amazing game like GoT that you want to play through again, for them to auto pop is a bit of a let down

KwietStorm_BLM31d ago

I personally don't care because I just want to play the best version of the game, but what they mean is collecting them on the account they play on. It's not about the trophies themselves. Having a whole separate account for that doesn't make sense.

MrNinosan31d ago

@slayernz & KwietStorm

It's still the same thing?
The collectors want 2 Platinum trophies, one for playing on PS5 and one for playing on PC.
In this case, they don't want the Platinum trophy for "free" on PC.
An easy fix, as I said, is playing it on PS5, with your main account, get the free Platinum on PC, but pretend they didn't get it, and play on an alt account they can pretend is their main account.

The outcome is exactly the same thing!
2 Platinums, and the joy of seeing trophies pop.

Therefore, a non-issue.
Just a reason to find something to nag about, which seems to be sport in it self nowadays.

VincentCastle31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I reckon you will probably still be able to connect if it works the same as PS4/PS5 - just don't transfer the save file as well as it is the case with the PS4/PS5 trophies pop ups. I hope that's the case at least as it doesn't specifically mention the save file.

Ghost of tsushima was the first game where I transferred the save file from PS4 to PS5 and I wanted to go through the whole process again of achieving them...was so disappointed when I saw them pop in one at a time😂

Though I'll still double dip as i want to play that beauty again on my super ultra wide. It'll look gorgeous.

Edit: I've been re-reading the second article in the link and it's probably not with a save file l. Oh well, I'll just focus on getting all steam achievements.

Inverno31d ago

Now if this could work on the Steam Deck then it can feel even more like a PSP.

PrinceOfAnger31d ago

It will work all you need is installing windows on the Deck.

Inverno31d ago

Thinking more like a plugin for the Steam OS, we'll probably see a third party plugin eventually if Valve doesn't do it themselves.

MatrixxGT31d ago

Hope they implement them on other games as well like horizon series. I’d play through them again on the Ally.

Skuletor31d ago

I guess you meant Vita, PSP didn't have trophies

MrNinosan31d ago

I think he's referring to Portal and not Portable.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it just worked on steam Deck. The functionality is probably bundled into the game, and the whole point of Proton is to make the game think it's running on Windows.

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