Wanted: Dead VR is Amazing (UEVR Mod from PrayDog)

CG writes: We put Solei’s action game into VR using Praydog’s UEVR mod for a really neat third-person Wanted: Dead VR game. What’s great is that it just works with no tweaking required, other than perhaps renaming the OpenVR folder if it fails to inject. The experience is great as a gamepad, third-person action game. Due to the nature of the gameplay, you need to be able to see enemies who sneak up behind you, so the third-person view is perfect for this.

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Is Wanted Dead Worth Playing After Combat Overhaul?

CG writes: Japanese developer Soleil Ltd. just updated their cyberpunk themed action-game Wanted Dead (currently 50% OFF) after about a year after release with a combat overhaul. We put the updated game to the test to see if it’s now worth playing or not.

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YourMommySpoils45d ago

Is this review about the new game update or your controller just not playing nice.

Elda45d ago

I enjoyed the game when it first released.

jznrpg45d ago

Looked quirky but with a dash of jank. I may play it someday but with so many better games to play not sure I’ll get to it.

bunt-custardly45d ago

Seems the person playing didn't know anything about doing the finishing moves. Press Y+B when they are flashing. Like, that's the entire point of the combat. Idiot.

senorfartcushion45d ago

Overhaul is a strong word.

The police break in level still has the worst checkpoint in the game.

The skill tree is empty, I start the level, die by the hands. Of a broken sub-boss and I spawn again 15 minutes back with my skill tree empty again.

YourMommySpoils44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

That's the exact same thing happening to me lol. I've reached twice where those greater ninjas are even beyond ridiculous than the white ninjas, doing somersaults all over the place. Got just 2 stimpacks left and die at their speed. And yep, starting again having to fill all my skills with that annoying animation for each. Tried 5 times and said, nope. Ain't still happening with this update.

bunt-custardly43d ago

Yeh but that is kinda close to the end of game isn't it? At which point Agent Stone should be cyberninja extraordinaire.

senorfartcushion41d ago

It's not really the difficulty, it's the length. I wouldn't have gotten to this point without fighting difficult fights but having 25 minutes between checkpoints is wrong for a game like this - and the skill tree should save when filled. Even just filling the skill tree saves me 3 or 4 minutes of menu mashing..


Wanted: Dead Review – If Only It Were Good [PSLegends]

Daniel Kelly says: This is probably the worst game I’ve ever kind of liked. That title used to belong to Deadly Premonition: a game which, despite all of its charm, is awful to play. Wanted: Dead, however, is a game with similar charm but, at times, competent gameplay. If only it were actually good instead.

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jznrpg95d ago

Loved the story of Deadly Premonition and the quests weren’t too bad because they were tied to the story but the combat and driving were awful. But I thouroughly enjoyed the game as the story, pop culture, and quirkiness made up for the issues. Does this game have a great story? I heard the combat was meh which I can get past if the story is really good

coolbeans94d ago

Nah. The story is more like mid-level cheesy fun: there's genuine moments but not enough consistently there.

jznrpg94d ago

I may still give it a try. Sometimes these janky games are so bad it’s good.

HyperMoused94d ago

I thought thi sgame was a great game for what it was, i enjoyed the combat and gameplay...and the mini games wree a nice surprise....onpy thing is, the story, im not even sure what its about and ive beaten the game.


Here are the Worst Optimized PC Games of 2023

It’s that time of the year. And oh I know that a lot of you have been waiting for this. Here are the Worst Optimized PC Games of 2023.

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Snookies12156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Hogwarts Legacy should be there. I STILL can't play it because of how bad the framerate is. Graphics options do next to nothing on there. I put everything on high and ultra settings at 1440p or even 4k and I get sharp drops below 40 FPS.
I change everything to medium or low settings at 1080p and I still get drops down below 40 FPS. As well as, some instances that go into the 30's. Makes no sense at all. Great game, but it's poorly built on a technical level. Those that bought it on console lucked out. Because the developers focused on those, instead of the PC version. That much is very clear.

Inverno155d ago

I played it in the Deck so I shouldn't expect it to run all too smoothly, but I've played other games just as graphically demanding that ran at a constant 40 fps, on medium too. The game works, but I agree that performance is all over the place.

EvertonFC154d ago

Consoles is the primary version/focus, PC isn't there primary market as unfortunately they probably cheap out knowing half the player count pirated the copy.
I'm sorry to say buy piracy ruins PC versions because it ain't worth the time probably?

ED202153d ago

there are 1.83Billion active pc players. ps5 has sold 50million. pc is always the best version with most care. Dont believe all clickbait articles games on pc run better than consoles even the 600dollar pc outperform ps5

Shiore2u154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

It's one part of the competency crisis plaguing AAA these days. Lack of disciplined people being hired, and those that are rely too heavily on hardware solutions to pick up their slack in software. It's an ongoing issue in most industries right now. Just as well, AAA keeps missing the mark routinely be it gameplay or performance and that's often across all platforms. Find myself enjoying AA and Indies more these days.

MrDead155d ago

How is Starfield not on that list, it looks like a 10+ year old game and runs like s**t!

Inverno154d ago

Cause do we really need to speak on yet another Bethesda game being an unoptimized/buggy mess? Should go without saying at this point.

ED202153d ago

it runs 4k maxed out 120fps and look better than anything released on a console


And let me give you the worst website out there, your on it right now. How many times are we going to see runtime error, maybe change the name to runtime-error.com🤣 Doesn't matter what browser you use, or clean cookies that runtime error just keeps coming back.

badz149154d ago

Due to N4G, I'm currently cirlcling through 3 different browsers on my phone at the moment just to see on which 1 it decides to run next without that damn error. Should have put it up there in this article just to make a statement!

hard joe154d ago

many 2023 pc games are unoptimized
those are just the tip of iceberg