Developers to Cross 'Uncanny Valley' Within Two Years

Obsidian Entertainment producer, David Kunkler, claims that super-realistic facial expressions in games that don't suffer from the 'uncanny valley'† problem will be with us in less than two years.

"Give us another year or two, and we'll be able to completely get across that uncanny valley," Kunkler told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme.

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JPomper4258d ago

I'd be hesitant to agree that we'll cross the valley within two years, but we'll probably get there.

Sphinx4258d ago

Why? I don't know. I think we're close, but not "two years" close.

ironwolf4258d ago

and neither of the current gen consoles have enough horsepower to do it with in game graphics. The first place you'll see it is in CGI, cranked out on super computers by some outfit like Industrial Light and Magic.

PS360PCROCKS4258d ago

yea I mean they cant even totally do that with cgi films i really feel a new console generation will bring this sort of upgrade it will improve and be much better in a few years than it is today but not practically perfect