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Gameffine reviews the most anticipated 2024 game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth- the second installment in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy.

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FFVII Rebirth Continues To Chart In Best Sellers, Helldivers 2 Stays Above COD: MW3 In YTD Revenue

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues to chart among NPD best sellers, while Helldivers 2 stays above COD: MW3 in Year-to-Date sales revenue.

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franwex22d ago

I want zero complaints if the next COD is trash as you all bought it.

Hugodastrevas21d ago

Just checking-in to say I'm not part of "you all". Don't know who keeps buying that slop.

Zeref21d ago

The people that buy CoD aren't on this website.

PapaBop21d ago

Yeah COD is more of a causal game, loads of people who aren't necessarily huge day one gamers buy it as their friends buy it and even if I haven't bought one in years, it is a game that's much more fun with groups of friends.

Cacabunga22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Good to see ff7 performing 🏆
HD2 smashing records! I hope it motivates other studios to bring on some decent similar games.
Also miss some good FPS

shinoff218322d ago

No. We don't need more of these

shinoff218321d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Two comments saying the sane thing. Mines down voted more lol

truth is we don't need more hd2 games

Barlos22d ago

I'd rather not see more HD2 games thanks. We want less live service games, not more.

Cacabunga22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I really meant successful games.. but clearly no gaas. I didn’t buy it for that very reason. Apparently the gaas model isn’t bad in it so that helped with its success

ravens5222d ago

Pretty sure all the people who agreed with you, knew what you meant. Including myself. 👍🏽

EternalTitan21d ago

I knew Rebirth had good legs.
Its start was poor.

Scissorman22d ago

Okay. NOW can we stop with the whole 'Rebirth was a flop' chatter? Still selling remarkably well after two months.

RpgSama22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It might have had a lower out of the gate sales than the first one, but kind of makes sense considering how front loaded I'm sure that one must have been, the anticipation was through the roof after many years and many teases of an actual remake.

This one will have long legs, I'm sure of it.

PapaBop21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

FF7R released to how many potential buyers compared to Rebirth? Sales figures be damned, it's still my game of the generation so far. I'd be surprised if it didn't end up being a good seller for Square, if it isn't then their expectations are probably far too high.

Tacoboto22d ago

It's not a flop but Square isn't celebrating its sales one bit, and DD2 launched nearly a month later but outsold it immediately in the US. Who would've predicted that two months ago?

If you're Square, you're panicking, and that's why we got the news yesterday of them changing their approach to development.

Hofstaderman22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Square traditionally has insane sales expectations. How will releasing this on XBOX that has moved so little consoles and historically moves so little Square titles help this game's sales?
There seems to be a deliberate dialogue that is trying to be spread that this game is a conmercial failure. Articles like these prove otherwise.
And by the way the third game will also be Sony console exclusive, this was confirmed already. I will be buying a PS6 for that.

Einhander197222d ago

There is so much misinformation, there was a double pack which in the first month contributed to around 40% of the total sales but that was rarely included or pointed out in charts like this.

The truth is it's sold on par when you consider that this game has released much earlier in the console cycle.

NotoriousWhiz22d ago

Isn't FF7 part 3 supposed to launch in 3 years or so? If it does, I can guarantee they'll release it on the PS5 to take advantage of that install base. They will not want to release on a fresh gen with a low install base.

shinoff218322d ago (Edited 22d ago )

They had been talking about their changes though for awhile. Well before rebirth released


Absolutely but all the naysayers are forgetting this or flat-out leaving that info out because they have a motive.

Tacoboto22d ago

Square announces cuts and cancellations and you all still defend them.

Why waste your energy when even Square won't?

Einhander197222d ago

Tacoboto 5h ago
Square announces cuts and cancellations and you all still defend them.

Why waste your energy when even Square won't?

You are misinformed, yes SquareEnix is making cuts but it's not because of Final Fantasy like everyone keeps trying to say, SquareEnix released a lot of games that failed, if you're determined to blame it on Sony it was Foamstars that really underperformed, but it's not just that, their remasters and remakes and other games have failed to sell well, Final Fantasy actually performed within estimations. I'm sure they hoped it would do better but it performed well within reasonable expectations.

And the thing that I always find stupid about these arguments is that Square Enix especially in Japan is much bigger and has far more exclusives on Switch.

People like you and the western media are always looking to point the finger at Sony and whatever game is tied to them and COMPLETELY ignore the bigger picture, and because gaming journalism is a literal joke, where no one does any research at all. It's all just a bunch of clown hacks who don't know what they are talking about and just say crap that will get clicks, then you repeat it.

Tacoboto22d ago

... I've never once pointed the finger at Sony for Square's decisions. You don't even read what I write.

raWfodog22d ago

“ and DD2 launched nearly a month later but outsold it immediately in the US. Who would've predicted that two months ago?”

Uhh I don’t think anyone is surprised at all that a multiplatform release (PC, PS5, XS) of a highly anticipated sequel outsold an exclusively PS5 game. That’s hardly an even playing field. More like comparing apples to a fruit salad.

Asterphoenix22d ago

Xbox release wouldn't of helped. I think a PC release day one with it would be a better idea and they still got Sony exclusive money to help them cover things so I think it might not do brilliant but ok enough in the long term. FFXVI wasn't appreciated at the time but I see more people appreciating it now.

Square big problems is allocating a lot of their budgets on the right games like Foamstars, Forspoken and Babylons Fall should of never been developed. Square has always had management issues since the early PS years. Least Square Enix is better than the PS3/Xbox 360 generation in which they sucked.

Einhander197221d ago

Tacoboto10h ago
I've never once pointed the finger at Sony for Square's decisions. You don't even read what I write.

I copy pasted exactly what you wrote, and whether you specifically type "Sony" you are promoting the incorrect argument that is being presented by Microsoft and it's supporters to undermine and pressure Square Enix to break their relationship with Sony. That is what is happening whether you realize it or not.

Notice there is not a single word about how Final Fantasy 14 has seen basically zero growth and actually also had a slight decline after being put on game pass (behind a paywall and with extra Microsoft tax currencies).

I guarantee the costs to port a 10 year old MMO to another platform like xbox which is actually two platforms didn't come cheap and now involves extra expenses going forward.

It's always blaming Sony or whatever game is seen as tied to Sony with no actual bigger picture examination of what is actually going on and a direct effort to ignore any problems on the Microsoft or even Nintendo side of the equation.

Let's be real here... Square Enix has a poor financial report and every site under the sun has directly or indirectly tried to place that on Sony/Final Fantasy 16 and now Rebirth when it's obviously a bigger picture in reality.

Tacoboto21d ago

Get it out of your head that I'm blaming Sony. Stop conflating and making things up and going on these weird long tangents based on what you *want* me to say. Weirdo.

PapaBop21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

You mean a game that released as a platform exclusive got outsold by a game released on multiple platforms? If you did the math and compared the sales proportionately to the install base, I think you'd find Rebirth out performed it.

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shinoff218322d ago

I've been trying to tell people. Rebirth while a huge game was released in a very busy few months for jrpgs. I seen mad people say they'd get rebirth after granblue relink and others. It'll have legs.

rlow122d ago

Nobody said it was a flop prior to Square coming out and saying it under performed. Even then Square never said it flopped just didn’t perform up to expectations.

After calling sales of Tomb Raider a disappointment I’m not sure what they would consider a success.

Possibly GTA numbers?

shinoff218321d ago


Plenty have. Idk how you've missed it