Hollow Knight: Silksong Has Been Rated In Australia

Team Cherry’s upcoming metroidvania game, Hollow Knight: Silksong, has been rated by the Australian Classification Board.

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jznrpg66d ago

It seems like it’s taking forever to release.

lellkay66d ago

My body is ready. IT'S READY.


Hollow Knight: Silksong Has a Perfect Opportunity to Include Its Own Soulslike NPC Summons

While helpers were a relatively small part of the original Hollow Knight, Silksong could elevate them into one of its defining features.

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Why Hollow Knight: Silksong Can Afford to Stew in Silence

The wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong has been particularly arduous, but Team Cherry can keep it under wraps for a bit longer still.

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The Case For Hollow Knight: Silksong To Feature Multiple Weapons

The upcoming Hollow Knight: Silksong has a chance to change up the formula from the first game in a unique way by giving Hornet her own armory.

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