Playstation Country - Loretta – PS5 Review

Michael Kitchin writes, "Loretta is a stylish thriller that does well to make decisions feel impactful. The presentation is top-notch and makes playful nods towards its inspirations whilst delivering some flourishes of its own. The story feels tight and thoughtful whilst giving the player plenty of chances to influence proceedings. I was satisfied with my ending but the others feel equally believable. I do think the dreamy interludes can feel occasionally superfluous and the puzzles don't really allow for much thought. Despite this, the intriguing narrative pulled me through."

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Loretta (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Where Yakov Butuzoff delivers is by understanding the natural constraints of his workload. Sure, if you come in expecting more complex puzzles typical for adventure games, then prepare to be disappointed. By refocusing the 2D adventure towards exciting psychological drama and film noir, Loretta finds an interesting middle more focused on this twisted protagonist's deeper plunge into inhumanity. How that exhibits itself can get too inconsistent given some superfluous dialogue choices and mechanics; and yet, the portions that harmonize with Lora's depravity still resonate. The final result? Like other quality psychological thrillers, it's a thrilling page-turner that provides genuine & intriguing insight into a broken individual."

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Loretta Nintendo Switch Review - Console Obsession

Console Obsession says: "Loretta is a 2D pixelated psychological narrative game that delves into the unsettling tale of a tall, blonde, and stoic housewife who commits a shocking act by murdering her husband, sending her spiralling down a rabbit hole of dark revelations from his past. Set in 1947 amidst the vast wheat fields of middle-of-nowhere America, the couple has relocated for her husband's writing pursuits. The game boasts a unique blend of gameplay styles, featuring mini-games infused with psychological symbolism alongside point-and-click mechanics (though Loretta navigates without explicit pointing)."

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Loretta Review | TheXboxHub

Gareth writes: For narrative lovers, Loretta is almost perfect.

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