Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth leads surge of new hits | Japan Monthly Charts

GamesIndustry.biz writes: "Famitsu's latest data, shared with GamesIndustry.biz, shows that the second part of Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 remake saw the second biggest launch month ever in terms of physical sales for a PS5 game in Japan. It was beaten only by Final Fantasy 16, which sold 336,000 units in June.

Rebirth also sold almost triple the number of copies managed by the next best-selling game of the month: Nintendo's Princess Peach: Showtime, which debuted with 105,000 copies sold after two weeks. That's more than double the 49,000 that Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS sold at launch 19 years ago."

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TriniOutsider33d ago

Funny I thought this game was doing bad in Japan and SE wasn't happy with the sales as well. Thats according to certain fanbases.

Tacoboto33d ago

With a bigger install base than FFXVI had, Rebirth is selling worse, despite being a direct sequel to one of the PS4's biggest titles and the brand recognition of not just Final Fantasy, but FFVII in particular.

Square also hasn't boasted about sales even once, which they have done for every recent major FF (15, VII Remake, and 16). Meanwhile, the direct competition in the genre have each boasted their own sales numbers.

Like a Dragon and Persona 3, one million + and the biggest launches of their franchises. Granblue another million. Unicorn Overlord at 500k is also tracking to be the developer's quickest selling title. Dragon's Dogma 2 sold 2.5m in the first 10 days and was already at a third of the total unit sales of DD1 and Dark Arisen combined.

This has nothing to do with "certain fanbases"; this has everything to do with Final Fantasy's relevance and how Square handles the franchise. It's clear Rebirth is a fantastic game based on player and critic reviews, but it's absolutely not selling the way Square would like for them to not utter one single thing about sales.

MrNinosan33d ago

"With a bigger install base than FFXVI had, Rebirth is selling worse, despite being a direct sequel..."

You can stop there.
If Rebirth actually sells less than the phenomenal game, Final Fantasy XVI which was a huge success in Japan, it's mainly BECAUSE it's a direct sequel.

Just like Godfather 2 sold way less than Godfather 1, despite being a much better movie.

XIII-2 selling less than XIII etc.

Would be extremely strange if Rebirth would sell more than Remake, as it's almost a must to play Remake before Rebirth.

However, I'm certain Rebirth will keep on selling for a longer period than XVI due to the rise of Remake sales since Rebirth was released, and also the praise it keeps on getting.

It will most likely carry home a few awards doing TGA and remind people who didn't bought it yet.

And selling as greatly as XVI is a nice achievement as well 🙌

VersusDMC33d ago

Rebirth outsold all those games in Japan at launch and in total. Numbers are publicly available.

And outsold all those games worldwide except probably Dragons Dogma 2. Estimated numbers are over 2 mil for rebirth and all the other JRPG's you mentioned are boasting they have sold 1 million and less.

Feel like I'm taking crazy pills when i see people bring up games that have sold less as proof that a more successful game is less successful.

Just say it sold half of remake and stop typing remidial irrelevant shit!

Tacoboto33d ago

The game is performing worse than XVI - fact.
The game is underperforming Square's expectations and their silence amid lesser-selling titles' boasts highlights that.

Why is it that you guys are defending the game's sales instead of Square?

dumahim33d ago


"The game is underperforming Square's expectations"

What game ever meets their sales expectations?

Tacoboto33d ago


Square had to contextualize over the summer that FFXVI sold to expectations but did not exceed them, and pointed to the PS5 userbase.

Same argument they used then, is now used here, for why the new FF game is selling worse than that one, on a userbase that's 9 months and a holiday season larger. Lol

neutralgamer199233d ago


Square enix got money upfront from Sony to develop the remakes. SE has already made profit. SE weren’t willing to fund remake development unless someone else took the majority risk

Just like how Sony are covering majority cost of development for silent hill 2 remake

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raWfodog33d ago

People make assumptions that EVERY PS4 owner that bought FFVII Remake (and liked it) have already upgraded to a PS5 in order to play Rebirth. So when the sales in a certain time period don't at least equal what the first one sold in that same time period, "the franchise is doomed".

When trying to compare apples to apples, they forget that one of the apples is actually an orange :D.

CrimsonWing6933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It’s selling less than 16. You have to understand what you’re seeing here, yes it sold better than a game in the month, but it’s estimated at 2mill and how game sales work is they are strongest at launch and then begin to slow down.

The key is it’s selling less than expected and that’s a big problem if you’re in the business of making money.

phoenixwing33d ago

I wonder how much money they got from Sony? Maybe that offsets it a little?

VersusDMC33d ago

That's a problem for CEO's to deal with. We don't know how much it made considering we don't know the budget or how much Sony paid them.

On the consumer side we know part 3 is being worked on so it doesn't really matter. And it's Yoshinori kitase's last Final Fantasy so it won't have a budget reduction.

All is good.

raWfodog33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"game sales...are strongest at launch and then begin to slow down"

This is true but 'slow down' doesn't mean that they will stop. Yes, people say sales are 'great' when you have a bunch of them in a short period of time, but aren't those same sales still 'good' if they still reach high sale numbers later on.

FFVII Remake released April 2020, sold 3.5 million in a matter of three days and then went on to sell another 3.5 million in 3 1/2 years (total of 7 million physical and digital copies by Sept 2023) and is considered a success.


So it might also take three years for the final tally on whether Rebirth is a 'success'. Yes, companies like to get their money quick but they will not abandon it or drop support for it until it's had a chance to run its course. The game will continue to sell and more people will continue to buy PS5's, further expanding the market of potential buyers.

How many times have we heard conflicting back and forth reports of FFXVI's success with some saying it 'failed to meet expectations' while others said it did just fine? Six months after release, Square Enix finally said it did good:


Ironmike33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It is who keeps putting these articles it all over reddit twitter and yet this one site keeps saying trying to convince u it hasn't ign gamespot eurogamer all saying it not selling as much its still a great game but this article is bs

Kneetos32d ago

The game in 1 month sold less then the latest monster hunter game sold in 5 days, sit tf down

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Pyrofire9533d ago

Rebirth is so good. It's a lot of fun and the journey is a ride. It's incredibly character driven and every scene is flavored by the kind of people each one of them are.

lellkay33d ago

I love the bandwagon that tries to derail this game lol

Ironmike33d ago

I own rebirth ot trying g to derail I love the game it just hasn't hit the sales expected iam just hoping it dosent affect part 3

repsahj33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Good to know that both my favorite jrpg(ff16 and Rebirth) on PS5 is selling well in Japan.

By the way, I just found this post on twitter.

"We finally have some data about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 sales worldwide:

- #2 game in the US for February (Keep in mind launched last day of Feb)
- The FF7 remake/rebirth twin pack was #8 in the US for February (count as separate sale)
- #4 Best selling game overall in the US for 2024
- Sold more copies than FF16 in 1 day than FF16 did in almost 10 days in Europe"

gold_drake33d ago

im glad its doing well.

the fake outcry of certain people is just ridiculous.

Ironmike32d ago

Yeah iam glad they finally released numbers great looking g good gor part 3


FFVII Rebirth Continues To Chart In Best Sellers, Helldivers 2 Stays Above COD: MW3 In YTD Revenue

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues to chart among NPD best sellers, while Helldivers 2 stays above COD: MW3 in Year-to-Date sales revenue.

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franwex17d ago

I want zero complaints if the next COD is trash as you all bought it.

Hugodastrevas17d ago

Just checking-in to say I'm not part of "you all". Don't know who keeps buying that slop.

Zeref16d ago

The people that buy CoD aren't on this website.

PapaBop16d ago

Yeah COD is more of a causal game, loads of people who aren't necessarily huge day one gamers buy it as their friends buy it and even if I haven't bought one in years, it is a game that's much more fun with groups of friends.

Cacabunga17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Good to see ff7 performing 🏆
HD2 smashing records! I hope it motivates other studios to bring on some decent similar games.
Also miss some good FPS

shinoff218317d ago

No. We don't need more of these

shinoff218316d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Two comments saying the sane thing. Mines down voted more lol

truth is we don't need more hd2 games