Review: Harold Halibut (PS5) - Great Style, Little Substance in Fishy Sci-Fi Adventure - PS

Push Square: "We really wanted to love Harold Halibut, and there are some redeeming qualities. Its wonderful aesthetic is unique and detailed, it has a great sci-fi hook, and there are some good moments throughout the story. Unfortunately, these aspects depreciate due to a prolonged runtime, most of which is filled with slow, repetitive treks from one scene to the next. The narrative is left to hold everything together, but it sadly doesn't quite stick the landing thanks to pacing issues and some iffy writing. This is one fish you might want to let get away."

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Review - Harold Halibut (PlayStation 5) | GameHype

Is life better away from Earth? Have you ever fancied a walking-like adventure in an aquarium set somewhere far away from earth where a newly created project was formed? Harold Halibut is the one for you. Author: Adam Neaves for Game Hype UK.

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Harold Halibut is now available on Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC

The time has come - the hand-made stop-motion adventures of Harold Halibut are finally on Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation and PC

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Harold Halibut Review (PS5) – Stop-Motion Comes To Life - PSU

Though plaudits will be rightly levelled at its appearance, Harold Halibut is equally as impressive when it comes to its narrative, world-building, and how both are realised. Despite being relatively light in gameplay terms, the game packs a punch where it matters by sticking its landing and proving beyond doubt that the answer to the meaning of life may be closer to home than you think.

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