Invector Rhythm Galaxy | LifeIsXbox Review

LifeIsXbox says: "nvector Rhythm Galaxy is the perfect follow-up to an already perfect rhythm game. Its eye-popping visuals light up my living room as its bass lines make my teeth chitter in pure glee. This game makes me happy and that is probably the best praise I can think of.

I don’t foresee ever removing this from my hard-drive and it’ll be the go-to game to play against friends on the couch for many, many years to come! "

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bloodyspasm36d ago

....aand I just purchased both DLC packs :D


Invector: Rhythm Galaxy Review  | TheXboxHub

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy may well appeal to many, especially those who previously loved the AVICII instalment

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INVECTOR: RHYTHM GALAXY Review (Xbox Series X) - XboxAddict

XBA says: A visually striking rhythm game with quite a varied track list of songs and genres.

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Review - Invector: Rhythm Galaxy (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria:"The Invector series may have started as a tribute to a specific artist who had actually been part of its development, but I cannot deny that Invector: Rhythm Galaxy is the perfect follow-up for these games (as controversial as the idea for an Avicii-less sequel may sound), as well as the obvious next step for the franchise. It’s easily one of the best rhythm games released in recent memory, combining a fun and intuitive gameplay loop with an expertly curated setlist. There are only forty tracks available as of now, though, and I don’t know how Hello There Games will proceed to improve it in the future. Will Invector: Rhythm Galaxy feature DLC packs? Eventually, will it get some free songs? Will they just focus on a sequel? That remains to be seen. As long as they keep on delivering these bangers, I’ll be happy."

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