Baldur's Gate 3 Actors On Returning Without Larian: "Show Me The Script"

Samantha Béart and Tracy Wiles are up for returning to the Baldur's Gate series, as long as the script is good.

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anast39d ago

Their voice acting is solid.

Michiel198939d ago

it won't be. Hasbro fired a lot of the people that worked on BG3, missing those people and Larian Studios will be a death sentence for them. They will do everything in their power to squeeze the last bit of money out of it and then let it die once people realize it's trash.

anast39d ago

They will make a "Go" versions out of it, like they did with Monopoly.


Baldur's Gate 3: Neil Newbon Explains Why Astarion Was a 'Risk'

In an Interview with Game Rant, Neil Newbon discusses the performance choices he made portraying Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion, and why some decisions were risky.

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I’ll Never Beat Baldur's Gate 3 Honour Mode

I'll stick with Tactician for now.

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jambola25d ago

If anyone is interested, I will never beat X-COM on the hardest difficulty
For a list of games I will never complete on a specific difficulty
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Michiel198924d ago

I can't really remember if I tried xcom 1 on the hardest difficulty but I gave xcom 2 on the hardest difficulty and ironman plenty of shots and it just seemed impossible. I don't often give up, but that game beat me.

anast24d ago

No real examples on why honor mode was too difficult. What I mean by this is there was no mention of the builds and gear he/she was using or classes and races.

Nittdarko24d ago

I mean I understand, after 14 attempts (non cheese) me and 2 friends finally beat it, It's really not for your everyday party adventurers

Don't get me wrong, a casual player could easily google (BG3 cheese builds) and Moon druid or Tavern brawler their way to victory with some ease, but going in playing it blind or telling yourself not to break the game and play normally is never going to end well at all.

Funny as well because Divinity Original Sin 2's honor mode was a fraction of the difficulty of BG3.

Popsicle24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I won’t either. I am a dirty save scummer who definitely lacks honor on my dice rolls and checks. Not turning TAV into a squid just because I wanted a few parasites burrowed into his brain. Lol


Even Though Larian Is Done With Baldur's Gate 3, I Believe The Game Deserves DLC

Danish from eXputer: "DLC for Baldur's Gate 3 could resolve some unanswered questions and offer more sought-after content for what is otherwise one of the greatest RPGs in recent memory."

Leeroyw28d ago

They made their point on DLC. Respect that.

FACTUAL evidence28d ago

See this is what damn near killed gaming in the first place, DLC! I respect a good game that’s already heavily content driven. Whatever happened to having a good game, playing it from start to finish, and then enjoying it for what it was and waiting for a sequel with a whole new outlook? I hate the fact that there are people out there willing to get nickeled and dimed by developers then complain about how we get pelted with unnecessary dlc.

I feel more devs need to do what they are doing. Tbh, I couldn’t care less if dlc was gone completely. I could go as far as saying dlc ruins game preservation as well. Not going to go too deep into that but basically Baldur’s Gate devs gets my thumb of approval.