Avalanche Studios Staff Reach Two-Year Union Contract

After six months of negotiating, Avalanche Studios staff have successfully unionized with a new two-year collective bargaining agreement.

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thorstein41d ago

Sega unionized, now Avalanche. Rafiki: It is time

XiNatsuDragnel41d ago

Unionization is the future homie


Ubisoft say AC Shadows protagonists will be "romantically attracted to different types of people"

Ubisoft recently shared more details about Assassin's Creed Shadows protagonists, confirming that both of them will romantically attract and be attracted to different types of people.

Hugodastrevas22h ago

That should please everyone I'm sure...

RpgSama7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Feudal Japan DEI LGBTQ+ Samurai, sounds very accurate for the time period. Surely a decision made only with historical accuracy in mind.

Crows907h ago

Or even modern day accuracy.....

Lexreborn27h ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, bet you didn’t know nobunaga was bi-sexual. Or ran maru his is often depicted as androgynous was a “beautiful boy”.

So yeah, feudal Japan had tons of lgbtq and kawaii enough… A BLACK SAMURAI! All without the need of offending a Caucasian because the world is diverse.

VenomUK6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

This story has cracked me up so much! Bravo Ubisoft, bravo! 🤣. So last week everyone was upset that in the long-awaited first Assassin’s Creed: Japan game the protagonist is black. But NOW he is also LGBTQ+ ! It’s like the Ubisoft creative team sat around a table and said “How can we best impress our Kotaku/IGN/Polygon friends and antagonise gamers? Let’s make it woke x 100!’ And then they all silent clapped!

Just you wait until the Star Wars: Outlaws details come out, there better not be anybody complaining about Kay Vess’ dating preferences and the gay droid armies.

Christopher6h ago

It actually is.

Japanese were very Greek in their sexual experiences.

lodossrage5h ago

Lexreborn2 is right

Go read up on Japan's feudal era homosexuality and bisexuality was a very common thing in that time.

I just have to laugh because the same people complaining about this are the same ones crying about wanting "historical accuracy". When it's clear most of the whiners don't even know history themselves.

Christopher4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Facts don't care about downvotes, btw. You either claim to understand historical accuracy or you just admit you don't like the stuff people did throughout history.


thorstein1h ago

Japan had no Christian stupidity about sexuality.

That's where your nonsensical puritanical view comes from: the Abraham's faiths.

It's feudal Japan, they don't believe in your religion's made up nonsense.

I mean, if you're going to embrace a particular viewpoint, you should at least be aware of where it comes from. Most of the world doesn't care about your ideals.

In those days, they certainly didn't care about your religion.

Get over yourself.

RpgSama11m ago

All of you guys missed the point, I even said I'm very sure they did it ONLY because they wanted to be historically accurate. Stop defending this, we all know why they did it and who they want to pander, it's not out newfound respect for history.

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CrimsonWing698h ago

Geezus, just make a good game… holy sh*t this is becoming insufferable.

Crows907h ago

Oh yeah!!!! What about being inclusive???

I'm sorry
..please replace the word inclusive with stupid.

notachance4h ago

If they truly aimed for inclusivity they’d make the protagonist an Ainu tribe, this is just Ubisoft getting comfy with Sweet Baby Inc as always.

Hofstaderman6h ago

You asking UbiSoft to make a good game? This is not 2002.

thorstein1h ago

I thought you crybabies wanted "historical accuracy." Now that your going to get it, you're going to cry more.


It's past the point of retarded, everyone seems forced to do this bullshit now in games. 😑

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Hofstaderman6h ago

I take my hat off to you good sir. Brilliant.

Laskin6h ago

Thanks… I was originally going to write Samu-Bi but then I realized it was right there already so it works better

darthv727h ago

Is that genuinely a selling point for people?

RpgSama7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

They sure as hell want to see if it is, time and time and time again.

VincentVanBro7h ago

You have to understand they’re incapable of writing a good story so this is the best they could come up with

thorstein1h ago

Well, after last weeks crying about historical accuracy. Now Ubi days, " Oh, okay, historical accuracy: here you go."

Now you're saying you don't want the accuracy? Can you guys just make up your minds?