Top Spin 2K25 Q&A - Hangar 13 Unveils the Feature Set of the Long Awaited Tennis Game

Thirteen years after the previous installment, tennis fans are eager to get started on Top Spin 2K25. Here's Wccftech's interview with game director Remi Ercolani.

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victorMaje45d ago

Been waiting for this for a long time!
But let me get this straight, wccftech sent the devs a bunch of questions, which to be fair, do shed some light on features & mechanics, but not 1 question about microtransactions? That’s not very professional wccftech…

DustMan44d ago

You can bet it will have plenty of MTX with a MyPlayer mode.


TopSpin 2K25 review - Smashing Return | TechStomper

"TopSpin 2K25 claims the Grand Slam on its return to the court - a solid and deep tennis system exploited wonderfully across its modes."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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Top Spin 2K25 Review - TheGamer

TheGamer Writes "The tennis sim is as good as ever, but is lacking basic features that make this worthwhile at this stage."

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smolinsk16d ago

The gameplay is fantastic. Not sure what can be more important then that?

HankHill15d ago

I like how one of the cons is that it's the only tennis game on the market. What does that have to do with the game?


Review: TopSpin 2K25 serves a great tennis sim experience - Entertainium

If you’ve been craving to play a quality sports game with plenty of depth and worthwhile content, look no further than TopSpin 2K25.

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