Tales of Kenzera: Zau Preview - An emotional adventure | GameSpew

After spending a few hours with Tales of Kenzera: Zau, it's clear that it's a game made with a lot of heart and soul.

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Gaming4Life198144d ago

I have been waiting on this game for so long. Day 1 buy for me.

Huey_My_D_Long44d ago

Hell yeah, and this apparently on ps plus premium...I will try to buy though, to support the devs.

Lexreborn243d ago

I’m curious why two people who are hyped about a game are getting negged for being excited to try a game.

H943d ago

I could be wrong since I am only assuming, it's because Sweet Baby Inc is involved with it

Lexreborn243d ago

Sigh* nvmd I’m not even going there with that lot.


Tales of Kenzera: ZAU (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Reminiscent of The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU feels like 2024's definitive example of mismanaging Metroidvania 101 tenets. And it's a shame to be that harsh when its inspiration feels like a wonderful antidote to the soulless company (EA) backing it and the commercialized entity (TGA) which first advertised it. Through an impassioned sense of grief, Abubakar Salim wanted to craft a story that authentically tries to wrestle with those same feelings. That's a great achievement of the medium as a potential creative outlet. Unfortunately, though, it's saddled to a haphazardly-designed game that falls short of sustaining that enthusiasm and squaring up against its contemporaries."

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Examining Tales of Kenzera: ZAU's soundscape of grief with composer Nainita Desai

Antony writes: "We talk with composer Nainita Desai on how she poured grief and acceptance into Tales of Kenzera: ZAU's stirring soundtrack."

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Tales of Kenzera: Zau review - Crown Not Lost | TechStomper

"Tales of Kenzera: Zau is a light Metroidvania that would bring a tear to a glass eye - a personal and moving tale in a stunning game world."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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