Monetization in Gaming Is Getting Insane

Trevor Walker said: Well, here we are again. Every time I think I’ve said all I have to say about this topic, another studio falls into the same cycle. Monetization in video games seems to be getting more and more out of hand. If you’ve played any AAA title in the last 6 years, you’ve surely seen it. Battle passes, exclusive skins, and sometimes pay to win features have spread throughout the gaming industry like a plague, and we need a cure. Badly. I never thought I’d see the day, but the first game that comes to mind is one that holds a special place in my heart.

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victorMaje61d ago

You need a cure. Here it is:

1. Don’t buy the game.
2. Don’t just not buy the game, announce it!

Announce on every social media/chat/discourse/streaming … platform available & imaginable that you will not buy the game that is coming out & state the reason that we all know. Then advise others to do the same.

Once you’ve announced it, announce it again for the next game by the same dev that you will not buy their future product either, because of their past dealings with consumers.

3. See 1.


I don't sub to anything digital, games, movies, TV shows, etc. I just take what I want for PC for the unbeatable price of $0.00 🤣 But I sometimes buy the occasional game, but as for the others I mentioned yeah ok, haha paying for a streaming service to watch shows, movies, etc man GTFO lol

jznrpg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I know many people who don’t buy MTs or support gaas. But unfortunately there are just as many people that I know who do and they don’t care about it. Companies won’t stop doing it until the vast majority don’t buy anything. Some GaaS do it better than others but most are looking to make as much MT money as they can get away with and there’s too many who don’t mind it at all

anast61d ago

Reviewers can prioritize monetization schemes in their reviews and give companies low scores based on severity.

Chocoburger60d ago

This is one of the reasons why I've been focusing more on older games from PS3 & X360 all the way back to the NES.
Rarely can a modern big budget game garner my attention, because its just the same stale concept over and over again. Open world, busy work, grinding, where your job is literally to be a trash collector (constantly picking up endless resources off the ground), the entire industry has been copying Ubi-junk, and I'm just not interested.

Add in the fact that games are clearly releasing in beta form (sometimes very early beta form!), then there's randomized gear you have to pick up and upgrade, then all those boring skill trees to fill in, which is the laziest form of fake game progression imaginable.

Then there's the nasty business model of paying an extra $20 just to play an unfinished game 3 days early. Disgusting behavior, and anyone who supports those companies are actively making our industry worse.

The game industry has never been perfect, but its also never been this bad either.


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New Warzone Intro Features Frank Woods in a Wheelchair; Adler "Wanted" Posters Surface

Activision has released a new Warzone intro that pushes for Black Ops 6, and it shows Frank Woods on a wheelchair.


COD Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Pride Month Freebies Released; Gundam Mobile Suit Collab Launched

Activision has not launched the Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Gundam collab cosmetics, and also freebie skins in celebration of Pride month.

Ninjamonkey8210d ago

Wish the hadn't put them among the event camos.

VenomUK10d ago

Reset Era regulars are delighted at this news.

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Elda10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Nice to have inclusivity. Happy Pride Month to the Puerto Rican community & the LGBTQ community here in NYC.

10d ago
anast10d ago

Who downvotes a comment like this?

Storm2310d ago

Yeah...the internet sucks.

Huey_My_D_Long10d ago

Welcome to the N4g. Where the gamers complain about gamer stereotypes while acting like gamer stereotypes.

Elda10d ago

Bigots & there are plenty on this site.

just_looken10d ago

The down votes because this is call of duty a first person shooter not pride month parade #45

I used to play first person shooter's for the military on military action not to watch someone with a pride flag stapled onto a cat shooting a gun from the boys on a map from my little pony.

Now you first up a game its all over your splash screen almost like a porn game can i just play a quick game like it was on the ps3 era ffs.

Elda9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It's an article that's talking about COD & Pride freebies that coincides Pride month. June is the month of Pride & in the city & state of NY Puerto Rican heritage is celebrated including the LGBTQ community. You know where you can take your BS bigotry.

just_looken9d ago


Go bang a dude or be a trans i do not care just do not spread that crap in my face 24/7

I do not care if its dung beetal month i am just sick on tired of it being everywhere like the fury shit or in the old days were church's went door 2 door preaching like gtfo with your cult crap.

Elda9d ago

It goes to show how immature you are because the article didn't look for you you decided to enter the article yourself knowing you knew what the article was about from the get go. Your ignorance shows through knowing Pride month isn't just for the LGBTQ but for all cultures & communities. No one put a gun to your head to enter this article you decided to enter the article just to spew your negative bigoted BS or just maybe you entered the article out of curiosity because you're a closet case.

just_looken9d ago

I entered the article because its about call of duty a videogame because we are on a videogame website

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Daeloki9d ago

Happy Pride to you too, and have my upvote to at least try offsetting the downvotes!

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