Tekken 8 Mods Website Receives Infringement Notice From Bandai Namco

A popular Tekken 8 mods website has received a notice of infringement from Bandai Namco, but they're fighting back for the players.

Terry_B45d ago

What Namco is doing here totally sucks.

H945d ago

Namco is even attacking Tekken 7 mod videos

PRIMORDUS45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I torrented the game on PC, and now will post the link right on their twitter account ripping them a new asshole and then say now you can't do shit LOL. Leave modders alone. Sooner or later the way the industry is going I will not buy anything anymore, and just take what I want. I'm buying very little now, as it is. The future does not look good at all.

KwietStorm_BLM45d ago

Daaamn they won't know what to do with themselves


Nope LOL. The game industry is going to get worse before it gets better. Actually I don't even think it will get better which is the sad part. Even if Bandai does not see that link, by me posting it I can influence people who don't know much about torrenting can now maybe get interested and learn about it. 😁

DivineHand12544d ago

Don't do anything to put yourself at risk.


But I do this often, 😁 I'm sure companies must be pissed because they know they are helpless with taking down torrents, and maybe I can teach some people how to do it by posting links, they might take an interest LOL

KwietStorm_BLM43d ago

Oh you thought I was being serious. My apologies.

CrimsonWing6945d ago

Why are publishers cracking down on mods all of a sudden? It’s like if you bought a coloring book and then drew over the art and made the art look like something popular. Are the coloring book companies going to pull this sh*t?

Why is industry going more and more full r*tard?

Skuletor45d ago

Why? Because they want to nickel and dime customers with cosmetic microtransactions. It's hard when the modders do a better job then them plus at no extra cost.

TriniOutsider45d ago

A lot of it has to do with copyright infringement. Something similar happened with Little Big Planet back in the day. Where Nintendo wanted created levels pulled from the game because people made almost full blown Mario Levels.


Just take the games for free on PC. I'm having no respect lately for any game company. ID Software was the best in terms of modding they wanted you to mod their games, total conversions etc. Now we have shit.

CantThinkOfAUsername45d ago

Only a handful of publishers are pro-mods like Bethesda, CDPR, and Larian; the rest either don't care like Sony or anti-mods like Capcom and the extreme being Nintendo-level of BS.

Yi-Long45d ago

They want you to believe their nonsense about development cost being sky-high and taking weeks/months, and then you have unpaid folks who do this all for free as a community-service and just because they enjoy creating and sharing stuff, and they come out with gorgeous new outfits and skins etc etc, within days.

So free mods expose the BS these companies spout in order to justify their excessive greed.

DivineHand12544d ago

I believe this started with Tekken 7 when the Elden Ring mod came out. They were shocked by the quality and gave a warning to stop modding the game because people were coming at them asking how to get those characters in the game.

The modders will have to be strategic.

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Snookies1245d ago

Absolute stupidity. The hell are they even thinking? Damn, this game was looking so good when it was about to launch. Now, it's just been downhill for everything since then.

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Cacabunga19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

I truly hope so.. day one buy

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Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

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