Fallout player base begins to grow in wake of acclaimed TV show

The Fallout player base is beginning to grow in a resurgence following the release of the critically acclaimed TV show.

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-Foxtrot66d ago

I bet they feel pretty stupid not allowing someone else, possibly Obsidian to do a Fallout game because they could have released it this year near the TV show to capitalise on it.

RaidenBlack66d ago

ironic, given the fact what the TV show did to New Vegas, lol

-Foxtrot66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

You know what the funny thing is...literally 10 MINUTES after making that comment I've just seen what they've done.

I mean it was a chalk board and it still feels a bit ambiguous in places but they didn't actually just do that...right?

FPS_D3TH65d ago

What exactly did the show do to New Vegas?

Wretchedstain65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@ -Foxtrot. Based on a lot that I've read of your comments, i though we were on the same page (physical media etc non digital at nauseam...) . As Canon, I thought they did pretty well (I'm a hardcore fan), they delved into a pretty decent tie in to expand on for season 2, let alone fan service with nods to certain gameplay aspects along the way. I hope you've watched it to appreciate it 'for what it is', It's good. (Loved seeing Red Rocket station in Ep 7, goosebumps galore throughout the 8 Eps they did let alone that)

Sciurus_vulgaris66d ago

Obsidian has been working on two RPGs (Avowed and the Outer Worlds 2) for the past few years. TV shows and films can be produced much faster than video games.

-Foxtrot66d ago

I meant it as in if they just let Obsidian do this years ago before The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed was in production. This could have been their next game instead.

ED-E65d ago

Eh depends,development hell can take many years in movies and tv series. Fallout tv series was announced 4 years ago, which was also the main development time of Fallout 4.

But yeah Bethesda was already in full production of Starfield and working on Elders Scrolls on the side. Obsidian was already with Microsoft (while Beth was not) and busy with Grounded and Pentiment. So minor updates/dlcs for their latest games was probably the best they could do.

I would have outsourced a remaster/remake of Fallout 3 to align with the release tv series.

MrBaskerville65d ago

From what I gather they'd rather do Avowed and Outer worlds at this point. Doesn't sound like the current Obsidian really desires to go back to New Vegas at this time.

Obscure_Observer66d ago

"I bet they feel pretty stupid not allowing someone else, possibly Obsidian to do a Fallout game because they could have released it this year near the TV show to capitalise on it."

They´ll certainly take advantage of the next gen upgrade, coming to Xbox Series, PS5 and PC.

raWfodog65d ago

“They´ll certainly take advantage of the next gen upgrade, coming to Xbox Series, PS5 and PC.”

You mean ‘current’ gen, right? ;)

Obscure_Observer65d ago


"You mean ‘current’ gen, right? ;)"

Precisely. Thanks ;)

Chard65d ago

Bethesda probably resents that Obsidian made the best Fallout game

Wretchedstain65d ago

Then why end the show in that fashion?

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mastershredder65d ago

If you thought '76 made Fallout feel mainstream, now we have a TV show that looks like a cosplay convention. The clean duds and Garbage Kid- Looking power suits (Head scale) are killing me. I think that it's nice that there's something for tv viewers to glimpse at why people like Fallout, but they are only getting a filterd down, made for series-seasonal tv (ew), passanger's flattened persfective with no risk based upon actions or consequese or social/non-social stangings that are experienced in the game.

The series represent's itself as a Fallout the tv show for people that need that kind of pacing (again ew), not the Fallout the game. Some people will dig this. I can see them having reason to, considering everying the show is borrowing to make it something Falloutish. It not for me, and I'm cool with that.

Wretchedstain65d ago

I am a MASSIVE fallout fan, I have a computer desk shine THAT IS FALLOUT and no other. The show was amazing to me, and bias had nothing to do with that, my trepidation was ultimate. The tie in to 'something' New Vegas, had me cheering like a sports fan at the end there (I have the collectors edition, and covet its mint condition highly) and I hate sports. I love a lot of other gaming, movie and TV show things, what they have done its pretty damn cool to me.

marioJP8765d ago

Checking out the show possibly tonight or tomorrow for sure. Hope it’s as good as everyone says.

anast65d ago

I have to watch it. Hopefully it's better than the recent Fallouts.

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Tacoboto33d ago

How nice of them to give us more control over graphical settings as a way to *completely* avoid taking accountability for the broken Xbox settings.

bondsmx33d ago

Well, I still crashed like 5 times last night within two hours. So there’s that.

anast32d ago

I had to stop. The game is not good. I'd rather play Skyrim and that game isn't that good either.


I Think It's About Time We Realize Fallout 4 Wasn't That Bad

Ahmed from eXputer: "2015's Fallout 4 received harsh criticism upon launching, but I think it was unwarranted and the game deserves more praise than it got."

helicoptergirl38d ago

It was totally that bad. I couldn't finish the campaign it was so bland and boring as I recall. Got so sick of it. 1000 stimpaks on hard. It is very rare that I play half a game and then just quit. I usually always finish it. But i was so bored with this game I just stopped and never went back and never regretted it. Just thinking about that game makes me shudder

Furesis38d ago

That's exactly what happened to me too lmao
Fallout 4 is not a fallout game period it's a bethesda game

Vits38d ago

The comparison with Skyrim is mind-boggling. Yes, Skyrim has streamlined many of the systems that Morrowind introduced. However, it did not tamper with the core of the Elder Scrolls franchise; it did not diminish the freedom and sense of exploration that made Bethesda RPGs famous. Fallout 4, on the other hand, did exactly that to the Fallout series. It eliminated what made Fallout such a beloved series to play. There are no consequences for your choices, no reason to explore, and barely any interesting set pieces in the game.

It's not terrible, but it's a painfully mediocre game in a franchise that typically doesn't produce such mediocrity. So that is why people see it as bad, the bar is just much higher.

anast38d ago

They both feel the same because they are, it's just that one has swords and magic and the other has swords and guns.