The Sims 4 Party Essentials and Urban Homage kits land on 18th April

Two new stuff packs are coming to The Sims 4 on 18th April: Party Essentials and Urban Homage, bringing party gear and clothing respectively.

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The Best Sims 4 Challenges to Put Your Skills to the Test

The Sims 4 offers countless scenarios that make the game interesting. Power Up Gaming looks at the best Sims 4 challenges to spice up your gameplay.

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EA Bosses Discuss Present & Future of Battlefield, Sims, and More, Dodge Nintendo Switch 2 Question

EA CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Stuart Canfield talked about some interesting topics, including The Sims, Battlefield, and the future of the company's business.

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The Sims 4: For Rent | Fortress of Solitude Review

This expansion adds a really interesting gameplay dynamic to the game, changing the feel of the life simulation game into a new and exciting tycoon experience.

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cammers1995187d ago

This is getting ridiculous. End this game already. The most milked Sims game.