Stellar Blade has gone gold

Stellar Blade official Twitter: "We're a little late with this post. GONE GOLD"

43d ago
Sonic188142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

This game is going to be a banger

42d ago
Crows9042d ago

Heck of a lot of women in that photo...youd think based on mainstream stupidity that it would be all gamer boys or some crap.

GhostMirror42d ago

Koreans do not care about that shit at all. They understand that it’s escapist entertainment and not supposed to be representative of real life, and they laugh at Westerners for making such a big deal of things of like this.

notachance42d ago

you mean western, asians don't give a shit and I hope they will never

it's always peak entertainment when I see western media insists that a work should be politically correct in every aspect and a fiction must be representative of the creator's real world opinion.

RNTody42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The demo was AWESOME. Ridiculous that the discourse is about Eve's appearance when the game is so damn good to play and experience, with a bonus of a great soundtrack and fantastic haptick feedback on the DualSense. In my view the character designs suit the strange and grotesque world. If the reviews land decently enough I'll totally buy this game, think it's going to be another winner for the PS5 and hopefully the hit of the year.

Crows9042d ago

Western mainstream wants to ruin everything. It's a power grab. If they can control what you can play they'd be really happy.

Elda42d ago

I have my physical copy pre-ordered already.

DarXyde42d ago


It's looking to be a grand time. Still not done with Rebirth yet, but I think I'll put it on ice for a bit to play this game.

Inverno42d ago

Really curious to see how the reviews turn out. Not saying the game won't turn out great, but the chances of it's reviewing poorly seem pretty high. Too many great games have sold poorly because of dishonest reviews.

CrimsonWing6942d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Well, Y’know where IGN France’s totally objective and not in any way skewed review will land.

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Stellar Blade 2 is on the cards, and I have a big wishlist for ShiftUp

ShiftUp has confirmed it’s exploring a possible Stellar Blade sequel, so here’s my two cents on what I’d love to see improved and added in Stellar Blade 2.

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chasem09275h ago

Please!!! Something about this game has really caught my attention. It’s haunting and atmospheric. Actually becoming on of my favorite games.

Hugodastrevas3h ago

I just want more ! (And no censorship thank you)


Stellar Blade Studio's Next Game Reportedly AAA Action RPG Titled Project Witches

Shift Up is reportedly considering a Stellar Blade sequel and PC port while also working on a new AAA action RPG called Project Witches.


Stellar Blade DLC and IP Collaborations in Development

Shift Up revealed there's about 98 people working on Stellar Blade. The studio confirmed they are working on DLC and IP collaborations for the game as well as a PC port and potentially even a sequel.

Hugodastrevas1d 11h ago

About to plat the game, bring more stuff!

Elda1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Loving Stellar Blade! I just started a new game +, can't wait for the boss rush mode & other updates including dlc.