Sony Hires Superstar Korean Cheerleader to Cosplay as Stellar Blade's Eve

Sony is sparing no expense on the promotion of upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade in Asia, as it’s hired Korean cheerleading sensation Lee Dahye to cosplay as protagonist Eve as part of a meet and greet in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Those who pre-order the game will have an opportunity to attend an event with the Dragon Beauties dancer, who’s one of the most prominent models in Taipei right now.

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GoodGuy0950d ago

Funny, I know her lol. Excellent taste Sony.

blackblades48d ago

Its more funny that Sony advertising the hell outta this game knowing how "you know what".......

gigoran848d ago

I don't know. what is it?

jlove4life48d ago

Just like WWE going back to attitude era kinda so is sony

Cacabunga48d ago

Game def has potential.. gameplay is very good

mudakoshaka48d ago

Do you know her? As in personally. Or you know of her?

shaenoide48d ago

Don't know if it's good taste or not. But kind of afraid of where Sony is going recently.

RNTody48d ago

How is this different from CD Projekt RED hiring Keanu Reeves to punt their game? Or is it only a crime when it's a hot woman?

Enlighten us as to where Sony is going that's a problem.

Michiel198948d ago

not that I agree with Shae, but he actually mocapped a character in the game. Dressing up as one of the characters and making pics of yourself is quite different.

RNTody48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

That's an arbitrary difference?

Hiring a celeb to promote the game. It's been done since the dawn of time, as far back as Doritogate and further.

What about live action trailers where the actors aren't in the game? What about the skit with Ben Stiller dressing up as Kratos?

All I see around Stellar Blade is fake controversy from people who don't actually care about the issue they're talking about, they just want the clicks.

Michiel198948d ago

Hiring an actual actor to do a performance in their game you mean? Keanu Reeves besides being a celebrity, is also a great actor. The best performance we gonna get from a cosplayers is them making hearts with their hands. Cosplayers make costumes, actors give performances.

Yeah the controversy is stupid, I totally agree but that doesn't make cosplayers and actors the same profession. You could have picked any game where an actor made a commercial to promote a game, but you chose an example that didn't make sense at all because the guy actually plays a character in the game and a disservice to his great performance in cyberpunk.

I wouldn't have batted an eye if you said Ben Stiller from the get go but no one talks badly about Jesus.

RNTody48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@Michiel1989 Hey I love Keanu Reeves to death, and I know he was an actor in the game, John Wick and The Matrix all the way, but I'm talking specifically about having him on stage to promote it, not about his actual performance in game- he certainly isn't there to tell you about the game mechanics. Obviously there's a "difference" because he's a character in the game and an actor, but the principle is little different to all the other countless examples, like getting influencers to talk up the game. This is a non-story, and cosplay even though it means very little to me, I can't deny there's a culture about it and there's talent behind it and its purpose is promotion.

What irks me is that this practice has probably been done a million times but journalists are drawing attention to anything to do with Eve and her physical appearance, to overshadow what an awesome game this is looking like. Anyone who played the demo would know.

RNTody48d ago

@Michiel1989 To clarify, Keanu wasn't giving an in-depth interview about bringing his character to life and what he put into Johnny Silverman during development. He was hyping the game, hence the "you're breathtaking" meme was born.

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FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

I don't see any cause for worry? Why would game promotion worry you?

TheCaptainKuchiki48d ago

Have you ever watched anime? Idk why people are acting surprised?

Flakegriffin48d ago


What are you scared of? 😂😂😂

gold_drake48d ago

its just a promotional thing, guys scared of cosplay haha

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Knightofelemia48d ago

Now I am definitely becoming a passport bro.

Michiel198948d ago

didn't realize this was newsworthy. Imagine getting an announcement for each cosplayer hired to promote a game

Futureshark48d ago

A strong, independent, successful woman promoting a strong, independent videogame character.

What's wrong with that?

Chocoburger48d ago


Hoping the game turns out great.

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Hugodastrevas2d ago

No thank you, I prefer to own my games physically whenever possible.