Arcade Centers in Japan Are Closing Down One After The Other

Explore the dwindling world of arcade centers in Japan and the rise of crane games. Stay updated with the latest retro gaming news.

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1Victor65d ago

Insert a (What’s an arcade center?) JK here
With the current state of gaming it’s almost a miracle there’s arcade centers open anywhere as gaming has became as common as flies on a dead rat with all mobile games available on phone that would had been a massive coins drainage 30 years ago

Concertoine64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This is in contrast with the arcade industry in America which is coming back from Japan is just now going through. With the 80s nostalgia and Stranger things romanticizing it for a new generation. Also, at least around me, a lot more arcade machines in bars and barcades for the generation(s) that had arcades.

For reference Im 27 and got into arcades more as an adult than a kid

redknight8065d ago

So sad - I so greatly enjoyed the arcades over there when I visited!

ROCKY2865d ago

arcades just like inside malls are a dying breed :(

Trilithon65d ago

if i was bezos ballin id open an underground arcade and make it free. dark and dingy with neon lights everywhere. Host tournaments for all the classics and sit in a big chair like an Outworld emperor.

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