Here are the most anticipated April 2024 games

The April 2024 games lineup lets us rediscover a treasured indie gem from 2008 and play a JRPG with over 100 characters.

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YourMommySpoils39d ago

Stellar Blade is the most anticipated game of this decade lol


Braid, Anniversary Edition Review - The Time is Right | COGconnected

'Braid, Anniversary Edition' is here to knock your socks off all over again. Come find out why you can't miss this indie gem.

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shinoff21839h ago

Wanted to point out a previous article I got the developer wrong and crimson kindly pointed it out to me. This game was actually awesome. My mistake.

Still fk douchebg phil phish though(not the developer of braid).


Review - Braid: Anniversary Edition (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I still think it’s not the single greatest indie of all time, but there’s no denying there’s a lot to like about Braid, especially if you decide to pick up this Anniversary edition. Having this on the Switch, with downright gorgeous visuals, a neat screen resolution, and so many additional levels, is just a no-brainer. Even if you don’t consider it to be the big daddy of the indie scene, it’s an important title, and it’s worth checking out, at the very least, for you to learn a bit more about the history of gaming, and how this little piece of software changed the world without even trying that hard."

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Famitsu: Stellar Blade Shines At #1 For Second Week

Another week, another Famitsu chart, as Stellar Blade manages to keep the top spot for a second week, crossing over 80,000 units sold.

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Cacabunga22h ago

Good numbers! I'm wondering what Platinum Games are doing