Fallout 3 ''Operation: Achorage'' Achievements and Quests Leaked

The first of three upcoming DLC packs for Fallout 3, titled "Operation: Achorage," is set for release January 27th, but thanks to an update released for the game today, people with the PC version got a little sneak of what the achievements and quests found in the DLC are going to be.

Follow the jump for the quest/achievement names and a link to the screenshots of the achievements in action.

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DNAgent5137d ago

PC ports, DLC, & Halo Wars! Woohoo!


JasonPC360PS3Wii5137d ago

And your still not getting this on the PS3 Woohoo!

spunnups5137d ago

Why again is this not coming to the PS3?

M337ING5137d ago

Because Sony can't pony up the cash that MS can and Bethesda doesn't like working with the PS3 as a development platform (most devs with a PC background don't)

Liquid Snake5137d ago

the same reason why the GTA4 DLC isnt comming to PS3.

LeonSKennedy4Life5137d ago

I have the PS3 version, but I'll buy it again for the PC just to get this DLC.

This isn't cool, Bethesda.

Honestly you not think the DLC will be in the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 next year on every platform?

FantasyStar5137d ago (Edited 5137d ago )

I envy you. You got money to spend. I REALLY want to get Killzone 2 with the money I have left, but the "no co-op" deal is making this much more complicated than usual since I've yet to play Fallout 3. *just got done with Far Cry 2* -excellent game btw.

Tony P5137d ago

Expect the K2 co-op remark to be used against you

But you're right on the money Leon. Bethesda loves its GOTY versions. I'd be surprised not to see one for Fallout 3.

FantasyStar5137d ago (Edited 5137d ago )

Oh yeah! I forgot. It would be much wiser to wait for the GotY versions to come out so I don't have to pay "now" and "later". I'm mainly leaning towards the PS3 Version cause I prefer PS3 Triggers and controller-feel for my FPS-greeds. I know, totally backwards huh?

P.S. - Perhaps, but I'm only speaking my mind. I really wanted to get KZ2 because I'm such a KZ1, KZ:L-fanatic, but the lack of co-op (my favorite feature from KZ:L): and my tight budget from last year isn't making decisions easier. But this isn't about KZ2: it's about Fallout 3, so let's end it here.

LONEWOLF2315137d ago


Last i heard is that KZ2 co-op will be patched in.
The Patch will be ready for launch.

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redwingsrock5137d ago

fine Bethesda be that way to your Ps3 audience, don't really like fallout 3 anyways I've tried getting into in several times, it's just not clicking for me

JackBauerIsHIGH5137d ago

Operation: ANCHORAGE

Learn how to spell people.

No Way5137d ago

It was a typo, they know how to spell, silly. =P

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The story is too old to be commented.