Details Regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 Have Allegedly Been Leaked

Details regarding the next entry in Ubisoft's online action role-playing game series, Tom Clancy's The Division 3, have allegedly been leaked.

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thorstein47d ago

You mean the Division Heartland? Did they change it to Chicago?

Profchaos45d ago

I think heartland was going to be a free to play game with mobile cross play then theybmade resurgance so who knows where that leaves heartland.

I think this is the proper 3 not a side game

thorstein45d ago

I think the mobile game is Resurgence.

anast45d ago

"online action role-playing game series" - Nice

ROCKY2845d ago

no one wants this UBI is SOFT !

thesoftware73045d ago

Hell Yeah, love Division 2, bring on 3 please..

smolinsk45d ago

But How do players play Co-op this time with the faction and story stuff.

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The Division 3 confirmed to be in development by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has just quietly confirmed that The Division 3 is in active development, in a message detailing the future of the brand. Julian Gerighty has been appointed the new executive producer for the series.

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RaidenBlack245d ago

Well ... firstly, new Snowdrop engine is looking pretty good (Avatar, StarWars) ... so, Div3 will look good.
Secondly, lets hope they try something new with the 3rd one. 🤞
Thirdly, Ubisoft should keep division IP/formula unique within their portfolio and not make other IPs similar to Division. Like what they did with Ghost Recon Breakpoint by making it a Division set in an island-jungle. :-/

Not keeping much hope but yea lets wait n see .... and ignore the initial gameplay trailer coz the final product will surely be a visually downgraded one.

CrimsonWing69245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I just wish Ubisoft would make new IPs. That Star Wars game looks incredible, but no matter how good looking a Far Cry, Watchdogs, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Division, or just plain ol' Division looks, I'm just incredibly tired of their formula.

Star Wars looks good, I'll give credit where credit's due and it's new! I'd like this company to try that more... how about Beyond Good and Evil 2 or WiLD? This just does nothing for me, not ragging on people who enjoy the games, just giving my reaction to the announcement is all.

Kosic244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

I wish they went a bit more RPG with the talents instead of keeping it semi realistic.

Have class based talent trees
DPS automatic
DPS range
And have talents that help improve the gameplay in those styles. Kinda like world of warcraft.

I find the talents/skills in division 2 a little boring. I'd love to be able to play a much more support role as a healer/buffer, or change up to a tank/aggro based play style etc.

It would be cool to see a different spin on that element.

But I'm not sure how you keep the game feeling fresh as you go forward. D2 was fun, but after a few months it became stale

-Foxtrot245d ago




raWfodog245d ago

I’ll likely give it a go once it’s on sale. I had fun with both games, put in a ton of time in Div 2. Wonder what location they’ll use next.

thesoftware730245d ago

Hell Yeah!!!

Can't wait, Love the Division 2!!

Aloymetal245d ago

Ha yeah me too, SHD level 5k+ and I love div2 and can't wait for 3!
The new St elmos AR is fire, hopefully they don't nerf it;)

thesoftware730245d ago

Indeed, St. Elmo replaced everyone EB lol.

My clan and I knock out Dark Hours in 30 min or so, and Iron Horse in 1hr & 15 min.

My Tank has over 2.4 mill armor, running point man, love it.

Aloymetal245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

''My clan and I knock out Dark Hours in 30 min or so, and Iron Horse in 1hr & 15 min.''
Lol, that's op as f and I love it! Even the hunters in countdown are like WTF??? lol.
Golden bullet is active right now so Heroic feels like playing in story mode lmao!
I haven't tried legendary yet with this gun and build but I will for sure.

thesoftware730245d ago

Too bad there is no Crossplay, we could have run through some legendary missions, and we doing our weekly raids tomorrow.

Maybe Div 3 will have crossplay.

ArmrdChaos244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Just wait for the new exotic MG. That will be the new king when it comes out. It is locked behind the new incursion unfortunately. Supposedly due out in Oct.


Mix that with the right gear sets and you will sound like an A-10 coming down the alley.

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Huey_My_D_Long245d ago

So weird to see so many downvotes on such a innocuous message.
Like its funny to see all the love and defending on Bethesda games and most people just love to shit on Ubisoft...which honestly I understand even if I do like their games. but both have similar problems with their games. Studios rested on its laurels too much, not updating as they should or being as innovative. But....I enjoy their games even if Mediocre...although I like Div 2 a lot

NGL I hope Division 3 goes to New Orleans

Father__Merrin245d ago

Games like this are too long and follow same script.