IGN France Apologizes To Stellar Blade Developer Over Insulting Remarks

IGN France has issued an apology to Stellar Blade developer Shift Up for its insulting remarks over the depiction of the game's protagonist.

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CrashMania46d ago

This reads like a 'sorey you were offended by what we said' rather than a sincere apology to me. That and apparently the same person then went on an unhinged about having to apologise afterwards.

S2Killinit46d ago

Its IGN, they are on MS payroll.


IGN is on MS payroll? Lmao now that’s funny.

FinalFantasyFanatic45d ago

I'm not sure if they're on the same payroll, but they certainly hired a lot of activists as journalists.

S2Killinit44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Funny or not, they are. And its very evident. I followed these guys a a long time and yes they are a paid advertisement for xbox.

Ironmike44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

So what who cares that's meant as fig at ign they terrible reviewers

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senorfartcushion45d ago

So the French way of apologising? Lol

VenomUK45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

When will these politicised ‘journalists’ and gaming websites stop looking down on their audience? All it does is push them away and then they go down the toilet, look at Vice Waypoint, Kotaku,etc.

Ironically what IGN doesn’t realise is that calling out attractive women who appear in the game, indirectly insulting the developer’s wife and gamers are all forms of misogyny as they are all defining women look or behave one specific way denying them of their agency to be who they are - which can include being attractive.

senorfartcushion44d ago

All humans are political, stop being weird VenomUK

H946d ago

"IGN France clarified that it is an independent branch of IGN and that IGN’s editorial staff had no involvement with this incident"

Basically IGN Said: throw yourself under the bus for us please

Profchaos45d ago

Yeah they like to pull that card when it suits hey why did ign Japan give title x a 10 when we said 6 umm independent. Thing is that argument never held water because it's still under the parent company

Knightofelemia46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

She is a computer generate character who is not real. Did IGN create her not from what I have read. Does IGN own her and the ip nope. Shift Up can pretty much do what ever they want with her they own the character and the ip. And I would not be surprised if the cosplay is all ready getting fired up.

Notsofast45d ago

Supposedly she is modeled after someone just like Jill Valentine in resident evil 3 remake is a YouTuber

GameBoyColor45d ago

She is modeled but they definitely heavily changed her to be more korean manhwa like lol. Feels like they didnt even need a model at all with how much they changed imo.

FinalFantasyFanatic45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It's a 3D body scan of a real model, they did create the head from scratch (I assume so they didn't have to pay royalties to the model for her likeness). Other than that, they've done minimal changes to the character's body, I think that maybe they thickened up the thighs? Maybe.

Skuletor45d ago

I saw a video of a girl playing the demo yesterday, saying she was going to cosplay Eve but not her base costume, as it would conflict with the green screen she uses.

gold_drake46d ago

and continues to have a rant about it sonewhere else.

people really need to get out more.