Stellar Blade Director Addresses Controversy About Its Portrayal Of Female Characters

The Stellar Blade director Hyung-Tae Kim has recently talked about the female character design controversy surrounding the game's characters.

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shadowhaxor54d ago

I think people are blowing this way out of proportion, yet this happens every time there's a super sexy character in a video game. Chun-Li, R-Mika, Bayonetta, Mai Shiranui, Cammy, 2B, Taki, Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur). Nothing really new to see here.

-Foxtrot53d ago

Journalists make a mountain out of a mole hill because they want to stir the pot so they have something to be outraged over and can write about to make themselves look high and mighty on twitter.

Kotaku will call this but certain other things are fine


H953d ago

This, it's hilarious also how Journalists praise Bayo and 2B to downplay Eve when they were the ones that lost their minds over them when their games released, remember them rallying people calling Bayonetta Fighting F Toy

bloop53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The same people complaining about attractive female characters in a game are probably the same people that don't see the problem with grown men identifying as women and getting naked in female changing rooms in front of minors. What an absolute shit show Western society has become.

Tacoboto53d ago

Kotaku's been praising Stellar Blade though

Cacabunga53d ago

This world is full of double standards… ads are all sexualizing women, even for ads do it.
When it comes to a game it’s a problem.. makes me sick.

MrBaskerville52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Gamers make a mountain out of a molehile. I remember Bayonetta, 1 journalist was critical and gave the game a 7 because of it. And then months of whining commenced.

Same with Stellar Blade. Two people, one DF guy in a podcast who started the thing and one journalist on Ign France. This is a nothing burger if there ever was one.

Angyobangyo52d ago

Kotaku's senior editor Alyssa Mercante has been doing nothing but trashing the game and the Shift Up devs.

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shadowhaxor53d ago

Hey.... I'm a journalist. Not all of us are like those causing issues about it all. I couldn't be happier about Eve, and not because of her assets. A strong female character who is the star of the game, who kicks lots of ass? Yes, please.

And I couldn't stop singing the praises of 2B when Nier: Automata dropped.

qalpha53d ago

Can you say who you write for? Because it is hard to find a site that is solidly 'pro-gamer', and not just activists posing as journalists.

Sadist353d ago

I think it’s concerning that you find a video game character sexy…get a real woman you freak

shadowhaxor52d ago

1. I have a real woman and have for 24 years.
2. Eve is 3d modeled from a Korean model.
3. Eve was designed by a female, just like Bayonetta. It's as if history is repeating itself.

MrDead53d ago

This entire thing is just promoting the game, no one really cares. It's all just advertising.

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Skuletor53d ago

There are some game jurinalists and a loud minority online, body shaming a character that was made by 3D scanning a real woman, with claims such as, she's a sex doll and has an unrealistic body type.

StormSnooper53d ago

Hahaha thank you for this!
What pervs!

Crows9053d ago

Isn't it interesting that they're pointing the finger at the character design all the while being the ones with the perverted ideas about her made up body.

RNTody53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

What the heck are people carrying on about this for? Bayonetta, Tomb Raider, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Eve from Metal Gear Solid 3, God of War, Devil May Cry...the list goes on. When did sexuality become a crime? I guess it's only fine when HBO does it.

Psychonaut8553d ago

Bro we’ve made such legit strides in representation in media. It’s not gunna kill people to let us have some eye candy everyone once in a while. When that’s all there was I get complaining about it, but now it’s the exception not the norm. So throw us a bone every once in a while, Jesus. Not to mention, the actress Eve is based on ACTUALLY looks like that. So at that point you just don’t want hot people in the game cuz you’re jealous and won’t admit it.

rlow153d ago

What sad is you shouldn’t have to beg for something like that.

Futureshark53d ago

We're just not allowed to enjoy sexy women anymore.

RNTody53d ago

No, gamers aren't. For Hollywood, the fashion industry and literally everywhere else, it continues.

Crows9053d ago

Honestly those industries have branched out....but I'll say no more.