Report: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Future Seasons to Feature Batman and More

According to leaks, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's future seasons will see the return of Batman as well as Arkham's Deathstroke.

-Foxtrot50d ago

So our Batman is actually dead then and died in such an awful way after everything he went through.

Meanwhile their big plan is to revive a version of him from a Medieval Elseworld

Wow. They really ruined the Arkhamverse in a single game.

TheKingKratos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It's not canon to me

Also it's so stupid to go with Brainiac instead of Darkseid for this elseworld story

DrDoomer49d ago

They must have brought in Neil Cuckmann to write and direct that scene.

0hMyGandhi49d ago

I can honestly imagine you hammering away that last "n" of his name on your keyboard and laughing hysterically to yourself.
Grow up.

Leeroyw49d ago

Gives sweet baby Inc a chance to make the next Batman diverse.

Knightofelemia50d ago

Medieval Elseworld really that sounds like a bigger mess then what the game is. Kudos I have respect that Conroy made some last voice recordings as Batman. But I am still not touching this game I myself I don't do loot and shoot and live service games.

Demetrius50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Lmao must have been some jealousy management had towards the OG rocksteady guys, forcing them to make thus trash and ruin the arkham verse smh now I know we will never get another legit batman title cause the bozos ruined it smh

Hofstaderman50d ago

Wow WB is really committed to this train wreck....

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Here's A First Look At Mr Freeze In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

An image featuring a first look at the character of Mr Freeze in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has emerged online.

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Psychonaut851d 9h ago

I’m sure the 42 people still playing are super stoked for this. Better take the day off so you can grind for 4 hours just to use the character. Let me guess, he’s got his own Elseworld and there’s fucking icicles everywhere. /s

YourMommySpoils8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

I doubt there's even that many lol

Edit: Just checked the first look and they made him super queer.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Probably Finished

Disappointing sales performance, mixed reviews, and player counts in the hundreds paint a grim future for the looter shooter.

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Phoenix763d ago

The game was DOA before it even released.

Juancho512d ago

Im surprised it lasted this long.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Players Lose Hope For Season 2 After Update

The remaining few players of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are losing hope for the game’s future after a disappointing update for Episode 2.

P_Bomb6d ago

“…significant issues like the extensive amount of time needed to unlock Joker as a playable character were ignored.”

Which in turn makes the game easier to ignore. Not a great season.

SoloGamer15d ago

all 150 players lose hope 😂

Redgrave5d ago

Who still held hope after release?

CobraKai5d ago

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Player Loses Hope For Season 2 After Update. *fixed*