Stellar Blade Is The Best Selling Game Pre-Order On PlayStation Store & Amazon

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's upcoming action adventure title, Stellar Blade, is the best selling game pre-order on PlayStation Store and Amazon.

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Tacoboto48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The importance of demos especially for single-player new IPs!

I went from get-it-if-reception-is-good-an d-on-sale, to preordering it as soon as I beat the boss challenge. Reading about the studio head buying all his staff PS5s after was the icing on the cake - stellar gameplay, a complete package, *and* a rewarding studio culture at the helm. Can't wait for it to release.

Cacabunga47d ago

The game is highly overpriced on the store..

TheProfessional47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Now maybe people can lighten up about women in games. Clearly there is a market for this and if people don't like it then they shouldn't buy it but it doesn't mean it can't exist.

This is a win against the sjw garbage where having a video game woman in a bikini was a huge problem. There's more people who will buy this then who won't.

ravens5248d ago

I don't really think these metrics mean anything. Just like everyone is like ooooh Sea of Thieves, Sea of Thieves at the top. There are a lot of people who plan on getting the game but don't pre-order. This is a day 1 for me, but I don't pre-order.

GhostMirror48d ago

This article literally says that it’s the best selling game pre-order on Amazon and PlayStation Store. It’s not speculation on how much interest there is around the game; this is all people who have already bought it ahead of its release.

ravens5247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I know what pre orders are. I'm just saying this isn't what it's actually going to sell day 1, that's all.

CrimsonWing6947d ago

If you’re getting it Day 1, why don’t you pre-order? You’ll miss out on pre-order DLC. I mean, what changes between the time of pre-order to the Day 1 launch? Help me out with this one.

ravens5247d ago

Most of the time it's cosmetics, that really doesn't entice me.

InUrFoxHole47d ago

Just out of curiosity. Why do you not pre-order if you're going to buy day 1? This gen has made me pre order less games.

ravens5247d ago

People were talking about how Suicide Squad was at the top of the PSN pre-order list... Take from that what you will.

GhostMirror48d ago

Nice. I pre-ordered at my local GameStop because they let me put down a $5.00 deposit to reserve a copy for in-store pickup, ensuring I get it on day one. Best Buy will only ship it, for some reason, and using the postal service instead of a courier. I don’t like using Amazon either.

I’m glad to see there’s this much interest in the game, though. The demo was awesome and I’m really looking forward to this one.

Tacoboto48d ago

Amazon hasn't let me down yet on a Day One release. Rebirth Collector's Edition came day-of and in the early afternoon. I expect the same for when I get Stellar Blade.

Best Buy stopped carrying games in-store so delivery is the only option now and I just don't trust them with that. Somehow my Death Stranding Limited Edition, years ago, showed up physically bent in half in the torn-up box that it got delivered in. BB can forever F off, in my opinion.

GhostMirror48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yeah, I’ve only pre-ordered with Best Buy once since they stopped letting you reserve copies for in-store pickup, and the game arrived like four days late because they use Canada Post to ship it to you here. Never again.

I’m glad to hear Amazon has been more reliable for you; they certainly have the resources.

Psychonaut8547d ago

That’s good to hear. I actually stopped preordering through amazon because like a year ago it started being that the games would always arrive like 4 days after launch, where they used to be day of. Maybe it’s something to do with my region.

jznrpg47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@Ghostmirror I still order pickup copies from Bedt Buy in Minnesota but they are headquartered here I believe

GhostMirror47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@jznrpg Interesting. It could just be a Best Buy Canada thing - their headquarters are in Vancouver, which is about an hour away from me, but you still can’t pre-order games to be held in store for pickup anymore. You can reserve a copy to be held in store after it’s released; like, if I were to wait until April 26 and my local store had copies of Stellar Blade in stock, I could then pay for it online and pick it up at the store. If it’s before that, the ‘Pick Up at Store’ option is not available and I can only have it shipped to my home address. It’s weird.

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