Stellar Blade Dev Gifted Its 260 Staff A PS5 Following The Game’s PS Showcase Appearance In 2021

Stellar Blade was revealed as Project Eve back in 2021 at the PlayStation Showcase, and following its appearance, the CEO of developer Shift Up, Kim Hyung Tae, gifted the entire 260-strong development team a PS5.

CobraKai48d ago

Looks like the one Microsoft guy, who decided to take away game pass as an employee perk, disagrees with you.

Ra303047d ago

Yes.....that was funny!

S2Killinit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Thats not cheap lol

Eonjay48d ago

Considering the time period, it would have been very difficult to get those 250 consoles. So its a pretty impressive feat.

badz14948d ago

He was the scalper responsible for the shortage

TheColbertinator48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

He must have some real spare change and time to pull that off

GhostMirror48d ago

The partnership with Sony likely made this a bit easier for him to pull off, but it’s still really cool that he did that for his team.

Angyobangyo48d ago

Their most popular game, Nikke reached $600 million in global revenue by the end of 2023. So, they have some spare change to throw around.

TheColbertinator47d ago

Thanks for sharing. That does explain everything

ravens5248d ago

Dope. They also get a bonus if the game sells well! I'll be supportin these talented peeps.

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Stellar Blade 2 is on the cards, and I have a big wishlist for ShiftUp

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chasem09271h ago

Please!!! Something about this game has really caught my attention. It’s haunting and atmospheric. Actually becoming on of my favorite games.

Hugodastrevas31m ago

I just want more ! (And no censorship thank you)


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