Konami's Felix the Cat (Nintendo Switch) Review - CGMagazine

Konami and Limited Run’s revival of Felix the Cat lands on the Nintendo Switch for serviceable nostalgic fun.

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Review - Felix the Cat (PlayStation 5) | GameHype

The Cat’s out of the Bag Felix the Cat is back on PlayStation with two upscaled versions of the NES and Gameboy versions of the game featuring himself as he ventures to rescue his girlfriend Kitty from the Professor. This collection of 2 games comes with a Save Game and a rewind feature. Author: Aaron Moger for Game Hype UK.

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Felix the Cat review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "Now here’s a collection that’s equal parts fascinating and puzzling. Hudson Soft’s 8-bit Felix the Cat platformers are rarely mentioned, with the NES version being a reasonably late arrival on the system. One of the last NES games to feature on the cover of Nintendo Power, no less. The Game Boy version is expensive nowadays too, despite launching when the handheld was in its prime. As such, these are two titles that many have unlikely heard of, let alone played, making them ideal for a re-release. The fact that Konami and Limited Run had to secure the license from DreamWorks also makes this a special case, with licensed retro re-releases being on the rarer side of things. Often it’s too much hassle, or the rights have been lost to time."

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Review: Felix The Cat (Switch) - A Cute But Costly Clowder | NintendoLife

Retro charm aplenty but no purring.

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OtterX22d ago

I love that more obscure Retro games are getting official releases, even if they aren't the greatest games. I've been buying most everything, bc I just love supporting legit game preservation especially if we get some bonuses on top.

With that said, I couldn't see myself paying more that 9.99 for this. 24.99 is just crazy.