Former Bioware/Ubisoft Devs Are Making A New Action-Adventure Called Eternal Strands

Developer Yellow Brick Games, a new game development studio founded by AAA industry vets, including the longtime creative director of BioWare’s Dragon Age series, Mike Laidlaw, has announced Eternal Strands, an action-adventure that blends Zelda with Shadow of the Colossus-like giant boss fights. Check out the world premiere of the reveal trailer as part of IGN First!

SimpleSlave18d ago

I can see a lot of the games that might have inspired this. Good shet. Here's hoping this turns out good.

LordoftheCritics17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

This is not Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Re-Re Reckoning?

SimpleSlave17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

lol. It does have some of that too. Yeah, I can see it in the map shots and the art style.

It also has some Breath of the Wild, Dragon's Dogma, Prey (2017), Shadow of the Colossus, even some Attack on Titan with the constant shots of the Character trying to cut the back of their necks. There's even that one move that Brad Pitt does in the movie Troy. And I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot more.

But you know what? It does look fun and promising. So we'll see.

Lightning7718d ago

Looks unique. We need to support devs that leave these AAA studios and make their own studio and games. If we want the industry to thrive.

0hMyGandhi17d ago

did you really say that this game looks...unique?

spicelicka17d ago

Aesthetically it looks like a generic mobile game, but gameplay seems like it has potential.

Umb18d ago

With more DEI and ESG in the mix.

Ristul17d ago

I have to agree, I'm sure the developers spent a lot of time on this but feels too similar to all the other games of that style.

Shane Kim17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Its got that immortal phoenix rising shit smear all over it. Hope the gameplay is fun though.

phoenixwing17d ago

i'm not. however, it takes a pretty extreme aesthetic to annoy me. like i love every cel shaded game and and this style too. as well as most anime.

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