Tales of Kenzera: Zau releases Day 1 into the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on April 23

Wield the dance of the Shaman in a gorgeous story-driven action-exploration game inspired by Bantu tales.

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Elda10d ago

Nice. I'll give it a try.

Lexreborn210d ago

Oh damn cool I planned on buying this on Pc but I’ll give it a run and if I love it I’ll buy it to have it on PC after

thesoftware73010d ago

How come? Do you collect digital games?

Do you prefer playing on PC?

I'm just being curious as I have seen others say similar things. I would feel like I'm paying for the same thing twice.

Lexreborn210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I typically like to have a copy not tied to an service and I typically have a digital or physical that is “mine” being tied to the service that I could let lapse to something I genuinely enjoy isn’t usually a thing I like.

thesoftware73010d ago

This game looks great!

I'm on it.

Christopher10d ago

I'm just happy this is going to all platforms, but definitely a good get.

Psychonaut8510d ago

Hmmm. I already preordered this and am a mid tier PS Plus member. Wonder if they’ll offer me a refund option. Don’t really care if not, small team, don’t mind supporting them. Just curious.


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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for April: Dave the Diver, Tales of Kenzera: Zau, The Crew 2 and more

Animal Well launches day 1 into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on May 9.

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shinoff21832d ago

At first I was like eh, then I clicked and seen there's more .

Miasma chronicles is my highlight. I loved mutant year zero to death and this is made by the same studio. Couple other good ones in there to

Eonjay2d ago

Pretty light month as far as content I would probably play. But it doesn't matter anyway because I can't even clear my purchased games backlog.

InUrFoxHole2d ago

Thats everyone, lol. I wonder what the back log average is per gamer?

ravens522d ago

Hah. I can't even imagine. Cause I know I'm not the worst, but mine is pretty decent. That's just games I bought.

Eonjay2d ago

Probably like 35 games average lol.

InUrFoxHole2d ago

Lol 35? Damn that's crazy 🤪. I'm guilty of buying day 1 and never playing. I've slowed down lately. If games go to $100. Forget it

TallDarknWavy1d 23h ago

I haven't paid full price for a game in I don't even know how long , probably since the days of the PS3 at the latest. By the time I get around to playing something it's already been on sale multiple times and it's super cheap, paying full price is for suckers looking at the prices of new games being $90 Canadian

Tody_ZA1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

My current backlog

Slay the Princess (playing)
Final Fantasy VII (playing)
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Final Fantasy X and X2
Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
Outer Worlds
Dead Space Remake
Batman Telltale: Enemy Within
Red Dead Redemption 2

Not exactly 35, but may take me 35 years to finish all of them lol.

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Black-Helghast2d ago

Only ones im interested is Miasma Chronicles and the premium games. the rest are wtf?

Traecy2d ago

The only game out of that bunch I'm going to try is Zau.

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