Microsoft is working on an Xbox AI chatbot

The Verge writes: "Microsoft is currently testing a new AI-powered Xbox chatbot that can be used to automate support tasks. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the software giant has been testing an “embodied AI character” that animates when responding to Xbox support queries."

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Jin_Sakai12d ago

Just what Xbox fans have been asking for! Why not just focus on making great games?

thesoftware73012d ago

You do know they have different internal departments, right?

Yeah, let's call Bob from accounting to help with Fable development.

You are aware that everyone at MS/Xbox is not a game developer, right?

What a stupid comment.

Elda12d ago

You're entitled to your opinion just as Jin is entitled to their opinion doesn't make it stupid. As an XBSX owner I agree that the XB division should be concentrating on releasing some decent interesting first party games first & foremost. Once they get that in motion everything else should be secondary far as gaming enhancements.

thesoftware73012d ago

Elda, it's not an opinion though... everyone at MS/Xbox are not game developers...that is like saying they should have the team that works on the UI, not work on the UI and sit around doing nothing, all because you and jin don't like the games, which btw is an opinion, because fact is they do put out games, a lot actually.

So AGAIN, not all divisions of any company works on developing games, some are platform, and even design...you can't say, they should put those on hold because some people don't like the games lol...

crazyCoconuts11d ago

Bob just forwarded the call to Chad, the Intern.
Chad has time since he finished sticking Asus Ally internals into a 3D-printed case so MS could say they're working on a handheld.
After hooking Cortana to ChatGPT, Chad is going to install an Xbox emulator on a PC so that MS can say they started development on the NeXBox. Chad is gonna get some great work experience and he hopes to work for a gaming company some day.

Elda11d ago

Again..you're entitled to your opinion just as your reply to me is your opinion. Nor did I say your opinion was stupid.

Profchaos11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

No need to call it stupid not everyone is a game developer but they are all departments allocated a budget and like all budgets corporate bs gets in the way and a do more with less culture starts you may have a situation where more should have been allocated to the development teams over the marketing teams

Eg. Starfield could have gone the rockstar route a few trailersaybe invite some news outlets out for a preview and game launch instead they did developer deep dives and a ton of just crap that would have cost them a Bomb to produce.

jznrpg11d ago

The problem is they need the games more than anything and until the games are high quality the rest of the stuff should be on the back burner.

Michiel198911d ago

@elda maybe it doesn't make him stupid, but it does make him wrong. Game devs have a different skillset than people who for example make ai chatbots or something along those lines. It's like asking the janitor why your salary hasn't been paid, sure they work for the same company but they are not related in any way shape or form.

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Zeref12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

They are. Unlike Sony... What are they releasing this year again?... Nothing? Oww ok 😐

-Foxtrot12d ago

Second party or not it’s still something in comparison.

So if it’s bad there’s no first party from Sony despite their being games from second party then it’s even more embarrassing for MS.

The point here isn’t to defend Sony completely before you go that route, we’re just talking in comparison

Difference is more people are open to having a dig against Sony for their silly GaaS decisions and Jim Ryan’s poor management over giving poor Phil Spencer the benefit of the doubt as he cries about Gen Z and capitalism.

BehindTheRows12d ago


Xbox is doing so good, they're releasing their games on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms too! Here's a tip — if they had a true stream of games that people actually wanted to play, they wouldn't be in the market position they are in now.

Zeref12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@Foxtrot and BehindTheRows

Market position and Phil Spencer quotes matter more than games now?
I guess when you got nothing to play this is where the goalpost is now 😐

Shouldn't it be embarrassing that the 3rd place console has more exclusives coming up than the market leader? 😐

XiNatsuDragnel12d ago

Nii San, you're wrong here again. Sony has something releasing unlike Microsoft oh wait Microsoft is releasing games to switch, pc and Sony so... you shouldn't talk here.

CrashMania11d ago

Helldivers 2 has already released and well, need I say more?

Also are you playing Rebirth on your Xbox? Or Rise of the Ronin? Been plenty of games on PS5 so far in 2024.

StormSnooper11d ago

Oh god, this idiotic comment is too much to bear.

BehindTheRows11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

“Exclusive” is not a word that jives with Xbox and what’s embarrassing is that a $3+ trillion company has the trouble in this industry that it does and its most ardent fans don’t demand better.

Besides, if we’re counting console/PC games as brand exclusive, why is the $3+ trillion company’s Goldenboy begging for Helldivers II instead of MAKING a competitor for it? Also, how are Rebirth and Ronin working out for ya?

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northpaws11d ago

Don't worry, the same AI is also making the games now.

OtterX12d ago

Well I mean, when your friends are leaving for greener gaming pastures elsewhere, you have to have somebody to talk to, right?

MrDead12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Oh god MS and their AI bots. The AI helper that they forced onto windows was removed as soon as I saw it, I think it appeared after an Edge update, Copilot AI. It had to be disabled in the registry to get rid of the thing!!!

If anyone here wants to get rid of Copilot this is how you do it:

Right click the start button and select Terminal / Windows PowerShell.

Copy and paste in the command below and press enter:

reg add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microso ft\Windows\WindowsCopilot /v TurnOffWindowsCopilot /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

To reenable, use the command:

reg delete HKCU\Software\Policies\Microso ft\Windows\WindowsCopilot /f

DivineHand12512d ago

I find the AI helpful when searching and summarizing information. I suppose if you have a reason to disable it then others will find what you have posted very helpful but bear in mind that this is the direction personal computers and smartphones are going and the tech will only improve if we use it.

MrDead12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It's more bloatware on your PC, I have no problem with it but ask before installing it on my PC or let me look for it and install it myself. Also MS is currently trying to corner the AI market so they are putting it on everything they can.

WelkinCole12d ago

lol! Yes dont like how MS just force these. However many people I talked to actually find copilot useful. I am so sick of them sharing photos of kittens in space suits though using A.I

Profchaos11d ago

It's not really bloatware in the traditional sense it's a llm which means it's simply taki g the text and points the day to its servers for processing and retrieves the results nothing done on your PC.

My main concern is data leakages and security people send personal info and copyright IP to the llm and the llm has been proven breakable time and time again with researchers able to talk it into giving away data

VariantAEC10d ago

Samsung is doing similar things, though summerizing notes can be done offline on the device as well as language translation and a new "read aloud" which allows you to select text from basically anywhere and translate that to your preferred language in real-time. Pretty interesting stuff. Most of it can be disabled, but some of it can not, so the only other option is to just not use it.

Chocoburger12d ago

I hate the "AI Revolution" and the way people talk about it as if its amazing and normal in our every day life. GROSS!
I'm trying to avoid all that AI crap as much as possible, its still very much in its infancy and yet everyone is trying to push it as the next big thing. Also its going to cause a lot of tech support employees to lose their jobs while also decreasing customer satisfaction. Capitalism at its worst.

zaanan11d ago

I for one look forward to Clippy 2.0!
“It looks like you are playing a game. Would you like some help?”

/s for any braindead zambiez that need it

Tankbusta4012d ago

God please no...the Bing AI is beyond annoying...If I want to talk to something it will be a human or an animal.