Wii launch titles

US magazine Nintendo power claims that the Wii will launch with just 6 games later this year, They are Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Red Steel, Monkey Ball, Dragon Quest and Rayman. It seems strange that if this were true, Nintendo would release without Mario or Wii sports and I would expect that Tony Hawks and Madden 07 would also be launch titles along with excite truck.

OutLaw6195d ago

That game should have been first priority on the release list. When people think of Nintendo, Mario is the first game you think of. Hopefully Nintendo will find a way to make it a release title.

BlackCountryBob6195d ago

I agree that mario needs to be on the shelves on the first day. When you look in the past its mario who has been the introduction to new ways of playing such as the Dpad in Mario bros and the analogue stick with Mario64. It als seems starnge that amongst those 6 titles there is no game that actually makes gaming simple, they are all from hardcore gamer genres but just using the new controller, if Wii doesnt launch with Wiisports and elebits very soon after launch it could struggle early on against the PS3 hype and a cheaper 360.

Guttersnype6195d ago

Don't know. This will be the first time a Nintendo system launches with a Zelda game (albeit the same as the Game Cubes version). I think launching with a Zelda game can work. Lauching with SSB would really help though.