The Witcher 4 Won't Be "Witcher 3 in New Clothing," CDPR Adding New Gameplay Elements and Mechanics

CDPR says that players shouldn't expect The Witcher 4 to be "Witcher 3 in new clothing," as the studio is adding new gameplay elements in it.

anast18d ago

Improve the combat and you got an instant classic.

sagapo18d ago

What’s wrong with the combat?

anast18d ago

Nothing for when it was made. It's time to upgrade.

sagapo17d ago

disagrees for asking a question, nice...

Flawlessmic18d ago

Dragons dogma 2 style combat, would be dope.

Friendlygamer18d ago

It played like a bootleg ac game. It was pretty poor even back when it released

anast18d ago

I didn't think it was as bad as the semi QT AC games.

Friendlygamer17d ago

At least ac had some cinematic flair to hide how braindead it was

bionicstar18d ago

They should have a party system with turn based combat

monkey60218d ago

People will riot!

I'd love it but people will riot

LordoftheCritics17d ago

CDPR will lose like 99% of its audience.

It could be a fun experiment for the internet's shits and giggles.


Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

From Ballblazer to The Witcher 3: unlock the hidden potential of visuals through the best video game soundtracks of all time.

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kayoss99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Nier Automata is not on the list?
MegaMan X?

TheEnigma31399d ago

Where is Castlevania SotN? By far 1 of the best ever soundtracks

Terry_B99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

A good list that covers a good variation of different types of video game music needs to have at least a minimum of 25 different games.

There in the list are just 9. And only one of them is from a game older than 10 years. Most of them were released in the last 3 years I think.

Its a shitty list actually..with a shitty headline and a shitty image with zelda, god of war and street fighter while none of them is discussed in the list.

esportdriven.com is now on my list..the list of shitty vg sites.


CD Projekt has several projects in the works that are all "at different stages"

From GameWatcher: "Michał Platkow-Gilewski, VP of PR and Communications at CD Projekt, has publicly recognised the turbulent release of Cyberpunk 2077. He attributed the admittedly troubled launch to extreme pressures, elevated expectations, and grueling crunch times, leading to a game that was not ready for release.

However, in light of the backlash his team experienced following Cyberpunk's debut, Platkow-Gilewski confirms that the team is now in a good place, effectively managing the negative aftermath and looking forward to the future. "I'm good. Actually... I think I'm great, to be honest."

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anast296d ago

I can't wait to see what CP2.

Sniperwithacause296d ago

Meaning some are still on the drawing board, and others are still in the brain. Ok, so we'll get two new games every 8-10 years right?


The Witcher 3 – This Choice Driven RPG Changed the Gaming Industry

With its massive open world, deep storytelling, and immersive gameplay, The Witcher 3 has profoundly impacted the gaming industry.

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anast379d ago

It raised the bar similar to what Morrowind did.

got_dam379d ago

I'm glad I read most of the books after witcher 2 and before 3. It made the search for Ciri and the moments with her hit harder. Great game.