Call of Duty: MWIII, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone: Mobile Season 3

The gigantic Season 3 drop is almost here, including six Core 6v6 maps, in-season Zombies mission and Rift explorations, and the return of Rebirth Island! Four new weapons, eight Aftermarket Parts, and full Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile integration make this the biggest season ever seen! Leave no friend behind on April 3.

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DefenderOfDoom210d ago

Wow a lot of info in this article about season 3.

purple1019d ago

You seem like a pro, can I ask a question

The guns on level 5 or so the BP-50 and the ram7, if I just missed them (cos season reset an hour ago) can I get them somehow

InUrFoxHole9d ago

Yes. You need to download the new season update. I'm sure they're somewhere in the 189 gig down load /s


Activision Is The Greediest Studio In The Industry, $80 'Godzilla X Kong' B.E.A.S.T. Glove

Activision Blizzard is now charging $80 USD for a 'Godzilla x Kong' crossover weapon for 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III'.

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isarai2d ago

God i hate them so much 😒

GamerRN2d ago

I've noticed that the hate increased right after the purchase...

2d ago
isarai2d ago

And i noticed people defending being robbed right after the purchase....

Yang_kai2d ago

I noticed that it doesn’t say Microsoft but Activision blizzard like trying to cover for them as if Microsoft don’t own it

S2Killinit2d ago

What kind if device did you use to gauge the increase?

DarXyde2d ago

Ah, the powerfully reductive "you're just jealous" defense.

Perhaps you don't understand how much corporations subscribe to the belief that they should "never let a good tragedy go to waste". The layoffs at ABK and this article have something in common: gamers who are aware of the acquisition would blame Microsoft, but those who aren't as up on this news as we are (most normal people) would say it's a scummy move from ABK. See my point? There's no agreement about who is to blame. It's fascinating because the way it is reported, you'd think they're a separate entity. I think Microsoft wants that. If you boycott ABK but you've got a Game Pass sub, you're still supporting them.

Purely anecdotal, but I do have a friend who hated Starfield not coming to PlayStation. He's got all of the platforms, but he does love his trophies. So what'd he do? He got Game Pass to play Starfield making sure Bethesda made "pennies on the dollar" (his words). He has no idea they're the same company and thought the exclusivity was a deal rather than a consequence of the acquisition, but that's my point: he's as normie as can be.

So when you say hate has increased, I think it's more a consequence of their actions following the purchase rather than any loyalty to a box. What's more, Microsoft is doing a pretty decent job of insulating themselves from what should probably be bigger backlash because there is a constant public separation of their properties. It's kind of like people having no idea Apple owns Beats or Better Help being an Israeli company.

GamerRN2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


I used the comment section of this site, which is very good at gauging Sony Fanboy status...

Once again, as I always explain, I own and love both, but there is absolutely a one sided fanboy status that Sony fans pretend doesn't exist. I think it's because they want to justify their purchase and want to be on the cool side so they mock and insult the other console. A lot like iPhone users versus Android users...

Also, this article is also misleading. You don't but the glove for $80. You get it for free for buying 4 other $20 items... It rewards the whales. Nothing wrong with that.... It's cosmetic! And technically, it's free...

Cacabunga1d 15h ago

Last Activision game i played was Transformers Devastation a PS+ freebie.. before that i have no idea.. I am boycotting them since PS3 for their anti consumer practices.

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n1kki62d ago

It should be free. How dare they make money.

S2Killinit2d ago

Hmm strawman. Gotta save MS at all costs.

isarai2d ago

It shouldn't cost EIGHTY F#$KING DOLLARS!! they're making more than enough money, and you just love bending over and spreading your cheeks to give them even more. Tf is wrong with you people? 🤨

Profchaos2d ago

It costs more than the game it ships on and offers very little for some sort of movie tie in licensing thing it's gross.

No one is upset with them making money they want them to instead great their players with some respect which this clearly does not

GamerRN2d ago

It technically is free...

GamerRN1d 7h ago

For those who didn't bother reading the article, it's given automatically to anyone who buys 4 of the other DLC

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ROCKY282d ago

they suck every since they killed off guitar hero, prototype and many many more great titles

Skuletor1d 18h ago

Current gen Prototype would be sick, thought the same thing last gen too.

ROCKY282d ago

it's not Microsoft it's the idiots that still run Activision in LA
they need to close that office and put xbox peeps on the games and it will be great
LA office employees think of themselves over the company that is paying them - sad but true

Rude-ro2d ago

They put $20 on a generic color for halo infinite…
Microsoft is not going to be a solution.

S2Killinit1d 12h ago

What a ridiculous comment.

MrBaskerville2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

MS probably didn't make them do it. But they didn't object either.

neutralgamer19922d ago

Is it activision now or is MS to blame now? MS owns them so it’s no longer what activision wants to do or Bobby kotick

I am just really tired of the greed in gaming industry right now. A company could make 250 million in profit and the following year could make 248 million. Instead of saying we made half a billion in 2 years they say we lost 2 million.

senorfartcushion2d ago

Well they would have done it anyway, but MS would have maybe had to sign off on the deal? So both.

TiredGamer2d ago

That's not how profit/loss statements work. A loss would be income minus expenses. What you're talking about is growth and/or the lack thereof.

Greed is inherent in all of us. Most individuals are self-serving and greedy; but few of us will admit as much.

neutralgamer19922d ago

Profit loss statement yes but these suits just don’t see it that way anymore. We have people investing in gaming who have no clue on how this works. All they see are numbers only