Nobuo Uematsu will compose the main theme for Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy’s final game

Nobuo Uematsu has agreed to compose the main theme for the third game in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy.

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GoodGuy0913d ago

Cool. The music in rebirth were...kinda unmemorable asides from the classic tracks. A nice variety but many felt too underwhelming. I wish they just kept playing Let the Battles Begin for every normal fight lol. Hope they step it up with the final part.

fr0sty12d ago

I thought the opposite, the music in Rebirth is one of my favorite aspects of the game, especially the Gongaga theme.

Nebaku12d ago

Very fitting. Unmemorable music for an unmemorable, blandification of what was a unique, competent game.

fr0sty12d ago

the remakes are better than the original.

CrimsonWing6911d ago

I can’t believe what I read. There is an insane amount of tracks and I was loving all of them, even that Bow Wow Wow song.

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-Foxtrot13d ago

I really hope we get a VIII remake eventually while Uematsu is still around, I'd love him to create an extra track for it or something. VIII's soundtrack is on another level.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

I've missed his music, he really made the games, especially in the gold age of FF games, the soundtracks haven't been the same since he left (there aren't as many memorable tracks).


The Reason Sega Lost The 32-Bit War? The 32X, Says Yosuke Okunari

"The company was unable to focus enough on its main hope"

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ApocalypseShadow3d ago

Nope. Going back to the 32X as the reason Sega lost that generation doesn't go back far enough before the Saturn.

Sega executives need to blame themselves as to why Sega lost that generation. Not Saturn. Not 32X. Not Sega CD. Nope. Executives were the reason why. It wasn't the hardware. Those devices were either dropped early or released to soon resulting in a developer backlash the hurt the game catalog. They really shouldn't have been made at all because they should have planned their next move more carefully. It has nothing to do with the devices. Poor leadership decisions and lack of unity within the company are what happened.

Love how blame is always shifted away from what is the truth. Writing a book placing the blame on the 32X isn't the truth.

solideagle3d ago

I am pretty sure there are documentaries (Youtube) around it which highlights these points. I had Sega Mega drive and NES growing up but that's about it. I didn't even know there was a war going on between these companies but I do remember thinking why I can't play Sonic cartridge on Nintendo or Mario on Sega :D

FinalFantasyFanatic3d ago

I had the Genesis and the Saturn, also had the SNES and 64, I never got a Dreamcast for some reason, but I never saw one in the stores either.


Talking Killer Klowns From Outer Space With The Chiodo Brothers

Chris D. Spoke with the Chiodo Brothers at PAX East about Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game and their Career. 


Larian publishing director on mass layoffs: 'None of these companies are at risk of going bankrupt'

Speaking with Game File at the Game Developers Choice Awards, Larian director of publishing Michael Douse gave his take on the current state of the industry, including some sharp criticism on the wave after wave of mass layoffs we've been seeing.

LG_Fox_Brazil6d ago

My point exactly. These companies have to start wondering if it is so acceptable to pay 9 digits to CEOs instead of creating a reserve account for safety and to secure the company's future in the long run

thorstein6d ago

Layoffs have are a short term solution to a long term problem. If these companies don't have anyone doing the actual work, they can't grow. Profits have skyrocketed at the expense of the in the chair devs.

Those are highly skilled employees. The quality of AAA(A) games are going to plummet.

Extermin8or3_5d ago

Or it means they hired more people to meet pandemic demands. Demands that aren't as high anymore so they need less staff.

TheCaptainKuchiki5d ago

layoffs were a thing before covid and covid hasn't been a thing for a good 2 years

aaronaton5d ago

Someone gets it, also interest rate were close to 0% during the pandemic, whilst they are above 5% now, at the time it seemed a no brainer to expand, but i think some companies took it too far.

shinoff21836d ago

Larian has been killing it. They are saying all the right things and they are listening to fans. I'm extremely happy with their decision to actually doing a physical release was super dope. Alot of studios could learn from them

anast6d ago

The investors want their money. Let's deal with this issue along with the greedy management issue as well.

jwillj2k46d ago

A lot of this stems from the players buying remastered/live service games. If companies can put minimal effort into making a product that sells well why not cut the fat? Games come out broken, drm ridden, incomplete and players still buy them. I have over 650 ps3/ps4 games and about 10 ps5 games. I’m still mostly playing ps4 games. The qualities gotten that bad (across the board). Make these companies start caring about their products buy voicing your opinions with your wallets and they’ll feel obligated to keep more devs on payroll.

Tacoboto6d ago

Gamers have their options.

We chose Hogwarts Legacy - WB wants MK1 and SS in spite of SS's failure. We chose BG3 - Larian doubles down and even rejects DLC that would've been basically free money. Naughty Dog rejected GaaS, Spider-Man GaaS got cancelled. Microsoft invests years into a short Hellblade 2, while expanding a positively-received GaaS Sea of Thieves and Grounded abroad. Ubisoft thinks Skull and Bones is AAAA, but that ship is sunk by Early Access Palworld and budget-priced Helldivers 2.

There are clear bad actors in the GaaS arena but some are doing it right while still balancing traditional experiences.

shinoff21835d ago

The remasters isn't the problem. Atleast imo. Hell most remasters I'm glad have happened. Baldurs gate 1 and 2 dope, torment dope, commandos dope, hopefully suikoden soon dope, I could go on and on. Remasters arent the problem

MrBaskerville5d ago

Even the first remaster of Tlou was neccesary. Not of all of us has a ps3 ready to use.

Also Dark Forces, Quake, Doom and so on. I like that older games are finally being made available. It's a good thing.