Sea of Thieves on PS5 – Everything You Need to Know

Rare's acclaimed pirate adventure is out on April 30th for PS5 players. Here's what you should know before sailing the high seas.

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Sea of Thieves PS5 Beta Locked in for the Weekend, Earn Ship Decals

Rare has scheduled a Sea of Thieves closed beta for the PS5 version launching at the end of April, with access granted by pre-ordering the title on the PS Store.

The pre-release test will run from Friday, 12th April 2024 until Monday, with all participants unlocking PS5 exclusive items: the Dauntless Adventurer Sails and Title.

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Sea of Thieves PlayStation 5 Feature Overview: Official Trailer

Includes Shared Progression, Cross-play, plus opt-out.

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purple1018d ago

4K At 60 FPS

• Performance Mode 120 FPS

• DualSense Microphone & Speaker

• Haptic Feedback

• Adaptive Triggers

• Fast Loading

• 3D Audio

• Release Date April 30th 2024

Obscure_Observer8d ago

One of the most pre-ordered games at Playstation Store right now. All of its three editions!

It´s definitely going to be another Xbox banger on Playstation.

P_Bomb8d ago

250 trophies? That’s gotta be a launch record for PS.

Kaii7d ago

Two hundred and fifty trophies 🧐 lil bit too high perhaps >.>


Here's How Sea Of Thieves Takes Advantage Of PS5's Hardware

Gamespot writes: "For starters, players will be able to play in either 1080p at 120fps or 4K at 60fps, and the sounds of the ocean will be enhanced with 3D audio.

That's not the only thing Rare will be taking advantage of because it'll also offer support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the latter of which comes into play when firing a weapon. In addition, Sea of Thieves will support the DualSense microphone and speaker, allowing players to speak with other pirates."

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